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Welcome to information about what we teach at Mt Roskill Grammar School. For teaching purposes we organise our school into departments which are responsible for offering subjects which are the building blocks for their chosen course. Most subjects lead to further study at or beyond secondary school level.

The options page provides a clear summary. Detailed information about subjects and where they can lead is provided in the Departments section of the website. At Years 11, 12 and 13 our students study to gain standards which lead to national certificates.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) provide links to information about these standards, how they are organised, how they are assessed and how students can gain qualifications. 

We are proud of the academic achievements of our students and encourage all to strive for the highest level of attainment. Help is available for students wishing to reach their maximum potential.

Academic Programme

Year 9

Students study across the nine key learning areas of our school: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Technology, The Arts, Language study (Te Reo Maori, Samoan, French, Chinese and Japanese), Physical Education/Health, and Commerce. This learning programme gives students a strong platform on which to base informed choices for their future years at the school. Literacy Support is provided for students based on need.


In Year 9 students may apply to join a sports or curriculum academy. In all academies students follow a full academic course of study as well as receiving three hours specialist support a week.

Year 10

All students continue studying a core of five subjects: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. In addition they make choices from a wide range of subjects available. The courses for the subject choices may last for a semester or a full year. All students in Year 10 attempt some NCEA internally assessed standards in English, Science and Mathematics.

Year 11

All students take English and Mathematics and three other subjects (Science is also recommended). Most students will study at NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Level 1 on the National Qualifications Framework

Year 12

All students take English and four other subjects. Entry to Year 12 courses is based on results achieved in Year 11 with Heads of Departments having discretion in borderline cases. The entry requirements are detailed in the Academic Programme Booklet.

Year 13

All students take five subjects designed to fit their learning needs. Entry requirements to Level 3 are detailed in the Academic Programme Booklet. Very high achieving students are encouraged to enter the Scholarship examinations and exceptional students may study concurrently at the University of Auckland.

The Academic Programme Booklets are available here.


In Year 13 students are encouraged to enter NZ Scholarship examinations and join the long list of successful students at this level. In 2013 students from MRGS were the top New Zealand scholars in Accountancy and Technology following on from previous years’ top New Zealand scholar awards in History, Chemistry and Physics. In recent years our students have gained four Premier Scholar awards distinguishing MRGS as one of the most successful schools in the nation. In 2014 students gained over 40 scholarships, many at Outstanding level.

Year 9 and 10 Academies

Our Academies are a cornerstone of the school’s pursuit of excellence in sporting, cultural and specialized subject areas. They encourage ‘passion-led’ learning which complements the core elements of our curriculum. Each student follows academic courses but their timetable is supplemented by 3 hours of specialist support within their chosen academy discipline. In each academy they grow key capabilities, skills and expertise while exploring and extending their potential.


This centre of excellence is based on our well-established ‘Being Roskill’ programme developing and mentoring players holistically - refining their game skills while also extending their thinking, literacy and general academic engagement.


The academy work promotes understanding of the techniques and technicalities
of the game in addition to a focus on personal fitness and nutrition. Students will
also develop their rugby skills and involvement in the school’s sporting community.


Our Hockey academy students will understand their personal health and physical development as they acquire knowledge of the game’s concepts and skills - attaining improved performance through training methods and coaching.

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