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Student - Vivien

I am honored to be a student of Mount Roskill Grammar School. In this school, they have the patience of teachers, enthusiastic students, and beautiful environment. You can completely eliminate the feeling of loneliness in a foreign country at this school. As an international student, MRGS witnessed my growth. In school you can choose subjects which you interested in. For example, I like photography, so I chose photography class at school. In this class I learned a lot of expertise in photography and I practiced lot. School trained my hobbies, so I can be better on the way to the photography. About studying abroad, different people have different opinions. I was lucky enough to come to New Zealand, and come to MRGS. This is the place that I will never forget, although not a long time to be here. The lives in New Zealand will become a big step to my future life, and help me to succeed. In high school comes to an end, I have the opportunity to apply to the Swiss Hotel Management School, and successfully to get the offer. Switzerland will be my another star. Whether Switzerland, or New Zealand, we have chosen to study abroad is to achieve greater success. While studying abroad is not an easy way to walk, but as long as keep walking, the future will be bright.


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