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About Us

Mt Roskill Early Childhood Centre was opened in February 1992. It was on the initiative of the Board of Trustees of Mt Roskill Grammar School. Mt Roskill Early Childhood Centre is a quality education and care centre for children 0 – 5 years. The children that attend are from the local community as well as many that travel long distances to attend. We have 19 different cultures represented and embrace cultural diversity.

We are proud to have a stable core of staff that has been at the centre since the early years of opening. All our staff are committed to providing the best pre-school education possible in a loving and fun environment. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals who come from varying backgrounds i.e.: Kindergarten, early Childhood, Primary, Nursing, Nanny, Rudolf Steiner etc.

Our rolls are always full with extremely long waiting lists for both Under 2 and Over 2 positions. Whenever new positions arise these are eagerly sought for both the quality care and education the centre provides and the positive reputation we have built up over the years.

The building is purpose-built and architecturally designed with the needs of young children and educators paramount in their mind. Our buildings, equipment and resources are of high standard. We are extremely fortunate to have a large budget to purchase quality equipment as required to meet the children’s developmental needs.

The centre’s educational programme is based on the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki. This is incorporated in planning, assessment and evaluation. We endeavour to meet the individual needs of all the children who attend our centre. Children have an individual portfolio that is built upon during their time with us and given to the parents as a keepsake when they go to school. Termly developmental reports, learning stories, art and photos are included. It is ensured that all children receive quality one on one, small and large group work each day. This is achievable due to our great staff: child ratio.A 4-year-old programme developed in conjunction with local primary schools is also available to further prepare our children for school.

Children have access to a computer throughout the day, inside and outside activities are continually changed and provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities for the children. Home Contact Books are well received by the children and their parents with a strong relationship between home and the centre.

Our centre has always valued and appreciated the strong parental support, encouragement and involvement it receives. Parents are very involved with great turnouts to social events, parent meetings and trips out of the centre. There is a genuine appreciation by the parents towards the staff for the love, care and effort put into their children and this is reciprocated in the staff’s enthusiasm for the work. We are proud of what we have achieved at Mt Roskill Early Childhood Centre since 1992 and continue to strive to provide the fantastic centre for the children and parents that we are known for.

Enquiries Ph 6290732

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To meet the need’s of our children and their parents as they left our centre for school, an After School Centre was opened next door in 1997. This is a purpose-built centre designed to meet the needs of children 5-11 years both After School and for our Holiday programmes. Our staff are experienced and committed to these children and provide a quality programme.

After School Enquiries Ph 6204064 (2-30-5-30pm) At other times Ph 6290732

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