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Career Centre Events/Guest Speakers

Hearing about jobs and study from people out in the working world really helps students with their decision making.

The Career Department runs a number of events, including inviting regular speakers into the Career Department over lunchtime to talk about courses and career opportunities available. This includes all the universities, many private providers, some apprenticeship organisations, the Defence Forces and the Police. 

Check the Guest Speakers list below to find out about the speakers that have been booked each term.  This list is updated regularly. 

Also keep an eye on the general career events like open days and information evening that happen regularly at different institutions.  This information is usually available on the websites of the institutions.

The Career Department also organises tertiary providers to come to various events in the school and organises trips to various providers as required.

Guest Speakers in the Career Room - Term 2, 2018

 All Guest Speaker talks take place in H5 beginning at 1.10 unless otherwise stated.

Thursday 3 May                            Victoria University of Wellington

Thursday 10 May                          University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Thursday 17 May                          Reality of life as a lawyer

Thursday 31 May                          SavY - Business students talking about university and


Friday 8 June                                Reality of Biomed and Health Science

Thursday 14 June                         STS - High School overseas



Tertiary Accommodation Closing Dates

Below are the Tertiary Accommodation Closing Dates for 2018 for the NZ universities most commonly attended by MRGS students.

Most of the tertiary providers have online applications. 

Come to the Career Department if you need help or further information.

Accommodation Closing Dates for 2018

University of Auckland: Applications must be made by 30 September, 2017. Offers will be made in early October.

University of Otago  Applications open 1 August and must be made by 30 September, 2017.  Confidential references from school must be sent to the Accommodation Office by 15 September, 2017.

Victoria University in Wellington. Applications open 1 August, 2017.  Applications must be made before 15 September, 2017.  Offers are made from mid-October.

University of Canterbury Applications open 1 August, 2017 and close 1 October, 2017.  Offers are made from mid-October.

Massey University:  Applications open 1 August, 2017 and must be made before 1 October, 2017.  Offers are made from mid-October.

University of Waikato Applications open 1 August, 2017.  Applications must be made before 1 October, 2017 to be considered in the first round of offers for 2018.Confidential reference forms must be sent to the Accommodation Office by 15 September, 2017.  


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