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Junior Report Evening

Junior Report Evening for Year 9 & 10 - 4-7pm Tuesday 31 March 2015

You can make an interview time by logging onto www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and entering the Event Code of FW9A4 - Bookings close 8.30am Tuesday 31 March.

MRGS Art Club

Our enthusiastic MRGS Art Club’s first commission for 2015 was a poster for the St Matthews Chamber Orchestra campus concert on Friday 27 March in the school hall. With a tight deadline - only two weeks to come up with a printable poster image -  students were taught stencilling by Mrs Kempster and Ms Groeber. Sourcing and cutting out orchestral images, students then chose a vibrant paint colour scheme, and added a text overlay. The results were eye catching and have been circulated around MRI and MRPS in advance of the big day. Well done to all involved!

The MRGS Art Club meets every Wednesday afterschool in the Art Department.


The 40th year of ASB Polyfest started on Wednesday 18th March and our cultural groups have been demonstrating the results of their weeks of hard work and commitment to large crowds at the Manukau Sports Bowl. The Kapa Haka group were the first to perform on Thursday and they were followed by our Samoan and Indian groups on Friday. The last of the groups to appear was the Tongan and they gave two spirited performances on Saturday.

The ASB Polyfest is not only a chance for secondary school students to showcase their culture, but to also participate and share in others. This was clearly seen on the Maori stage as more and more non-Maori were seen performing kapa haka.

MRGS Kapa Haka Te Karere (TVNZ) March 19th video


Year 12 Japanese Restaurant Trip

On a pleasant Thursday (26th February) at 5:00pm, the year 12 Japanese class, with Miss Kojima, met outside Nishiki, keen to experience the Japanese palette. It was all Konnichiwa’s (Hello’s) and Irashaimase’s (Welcome’s) as we entered the restaurant, the aroma of Japanese cuisine surrounding us. With anticipation we all waited as platters of hot, authentic, Japanese food was carried around us until finally plates with at least ten traditional Japanese dishes was placed on our table, steaming. We all dug in, some expertly grasping pieces of rice, meat, and vegetables, others engaging in a great struggle with the chopsticks attempting to fill their eager mouths, myself included. Miso soup, varieties of sushi, Takoyaki and other meat and vegetable dishes were served and quickly eaten before the vanilla, green tea and sesame ice creams were placed in front of us, each more interesting than the first but delicious all the same. Overall the laughs, tasty authentic Japanese delicacies, and the struggles with the chopsticks made an experience to remember. Thank you Miss Kojima!  

(12 CSNR Aditi Ramalingam)

Excellence Awards Evening

At a sparkling evening we honoured our NCEA Excellence award winners. Over 400 students and caregivers attended the ceremony and listened to the inspiring words of guest presenter, ex-student and current Sir Peter Blake Trust Ambassador Samantha Collings.


Year 10 Japanese Lunch

On Wednesday 4th March R3 was filled with overexcited Year 10s impatiently waiting for our lunch to arrive. Our lunch was かつどん (katsudon), battered chicken cutlets served on rice. After a call of “いただきます” (thank you for the food) we all started eating with our “おはし” (chopsticks). The whole class said it was “おいしい” (delicious). However the green tea was greatly believed to be “まずい” (awful). The lunch was a great success, so “ありがとうございます” to Miss Kojima, Carmen and Shara for making it possible.

Tessa Brown (10 NHLG) 

Polyfest Preparation

Our cultural groups are heavily involved in their last weeks of preparation for the upcoming Polyfest. Each evening and at the weekend Maori, Samoan, Tongan and Indian cultural groups can be seen going through their performance sets. The valued support from families and communities is a special part of this build-up to what we hope will be another successful competition entry from the school.

Passing of Ex-Principal Charles Dowdle

It was with sadness that the MRGS community learned early in the week of the death of past Principal Mr Charles Dowdle. He passed away on 21st February after long illness and his funeral was held on Wednesday February 25th. Charlie Dowdle began his career at Mount Roskill Grammar school in 1968, taking up the head of Social Studies role when Jack Kelly became Deputy Principal.

Mr. Dowdle excelled as a teacher of history and geography becoming renowned for his story telling and his interest in the well-being of his students. The Dowdle library, a hub of learning in the school recognizes his mastery of teaching. Mr. Dowdle’s passion for learning across the curriculum found him coaching cricket, rugby and archery, producing several school plays and running inter-form lunchtime sports competitions.

He became Deputy Principal in 1977 and in 1981 was appointed Principal. In all his roles, his will to succeed and commitment were inspirational. Charlie’s wife Verna also taught at MRGS and later became Headmistress at Epsom Girls Grammar School. At one stage both Charlie, Verna and their four children Bruce, Bryan, Keith and Rebecca were all teachers.

Mr Dowdle is fondly remembered and respected by our whole school community. We continue to enjoy the support of the Dowdle family through the Sursum Trust. We offer both our condolences to the family for their loss and our thanks for the legacy of service and achievement that Charlie gave us in his years at Roskill.

Head Prefects 2015

2015 School Prefects have been selected and formally introduced to the school and presented with their badges and ties. These 43 young men and women strengthen the student leaders of the school bringing their particular service, commitment and energy to their new roles. We look forward to their ongoing demonstration of excellence, respect and responsibility. Mr Watson also announced the Head Prefects for this year: Pearl Lazaro and Glen Lewis are Head Girl and Head Boy respectively; they are ably supported by Parneet Kohli and Mandie Galea who will be their deputies.

Alphabetical List of 2015 Prefects:

  • 'Akau'ola, Perpetua
  • Allan, Grace
  • Alphonso, Jonathan
  • Bell, Cameron
  • Bell, Ethan
  • Bingham, Mark
  • Brown, Zoe
  • Busby, Bryan
  • Cao, Alex
  • Dakwale, Ankur
  • Deverell, Ben
  • Dhungel, Salina
  • Edmonds, Luke
  • Ferencz, Conor
  • Fernandes, Ritika
  • Galea, Mandie
  • Haigh, Chloe
  • Haunga, Eddie
  • Havea, 'Aisake
  • Judd, Heidi
  • Kohli, Parneet
  • Lazaro, Pearl
  • Lewis, Glen
  • Lewis, Scott
  • Li, Vilia
  • MacDonald, Usha
  • Mallela, Balu
  • Mascarenhas, Juhaina
  • McDougall, Nathan
  • Pala, Kaaj
  • Parulkar, Aryaman
  • Pillai, Ayushi
  • Power, Josef
  • Puertollano, Pia
  • Raju, Yvette
  • Rosario, Korine
  • Sapoi, Nightingale
  • Smith, Keren
  • Smith, Shaden
  • Varela, Pebble
  • Wang, Raymond
  • Wong, Joyce
  • Zamani, Tamana

Meeting for Parents of New Students

Tuesday February 10th at 7.00pm in the School Hall.

This meeting will be an opportunity to find out about the school organisation, values and the learning opportunities which exist within the school.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team, Academic and Pastoral Leaders, will be present to meet with you and answer any questions. Tea and coffee will be served after the meeting.

The school leadership looks forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the school as part of this evening.

First Day Powhiri 2015

For the first time both new students and staff were welcomed in a combined powhiri. After gathering on the field in their house groups, the new students were led into the hall in the company of the new teaching staff. They were given a haka by the present staff and year 13 students before taking their places in the gathering. After a hymn and karakia, Mr Watson spoke in his welcome of the proud tradition they were joining at Roskill. His words were followed by a waiata and then Y13 student Luke Edmonds spoke. Responding whaikorero and waiata were next delivered by representatives of the newcomers. After the ceremony new students made their way to house meetings and their day of orientation at the school.


E-Learning Update

The school ran a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trial last year. Feedback from this trial has been very positive. The potential for improved learning outcomes for students has led us to roll out student BYOD to all students in 2015. During term 1 we will be issuing access codes and Google Drive accounts to all students starting with Year 10, then the Senior students (Yr11 – 13) and finally our new Year 9 students on the completion of their full digital citizenship course.

The advantages we see for our students from increased access to e-leaning through BYOD include:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to class resources, support and extension activities through 'iLearn';
  • The ability to develop “digital” folders, portfolios and e-books for their classes; (that can’t be lost, and never need replacing) through the use of 'My Portfolio', Google apps and office 365.
  • Greater ability to communicate with teachers, parents and peers to support their learning through instant access to their student e-mail and other online tools;
  • Anytime, anywhere safe access to unlimited resources and information on the internet;
  • The ability to draft, redraft and publish their work at the click of a button;
  • Allowing students to become active participants in their learning, students who manage themselves and are responsible digital citizens.

In 2015 it is optional for students to bring a BYOD capable device.

The ideal device for school use:

  • has built-in wireless capability
  • enables word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, image manipulation, video and audio editing
  • is lightweight, but robust enough to handle daily use
  • has a protective carrying case
  • has 4-8 hours of battery power (or preferably more) and easy options for recharging
  • has a common web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  • offers sufficient storage for documents, photos and videos
  • has some form of keyboard for typing (built-in or external)
  • has some form of antivirus/anti-spyware protection

If you have any further questions please contact Lorraine Vickery (E-Learning Director – lorraine.vickery@mrgs.school.nz)

First School Day 2015

Thursday 29th January Y9, Y13 and all other new students

  • Y9 and new students 9.40am on school main field (for Powhiri and assemblies)
  • Y13 9.00am in school hall for Powhiri preparation

Friday 30th January = All students

  • School closed Anniversary Day - Monday 26th January
  • School closed Waitangi Day - Friday 6th February

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