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Term 1, Friday Mail Out

Term 2, Friday Mail Out

Gymsport Auckland Secondary Schools

On Thursday 28th June 20 Gymsport athletes competed in Artistic Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline at Bruce Pulman Park in Takanini.
MRGS had a very successful day.
Results were as follows.
Artistic Mens A Grade
  • 3rd Sam Oppold
Womens Level 2
  • 2nd Zara Deverell 
  • 3rd Jessie  Eade 
Team of Kate Boninic, Zara Deverell, Jessie Eade and Vivian Chew were 1st in Auckland
Womens Level 1
  • 1st Kaitlyn Booth
  • 3rd Chantal Deverell
  • 1st Team Kaitlyn Booth, Chantal Deverell, Alyshia Harper and Wai Yan Relph.
  • 3rd Team  Renee Christian, Rebecca Zhao, Nidhi Vijayanarasimhan, Lillian Huo
Tumbling B Grade Womens
  • 2nd Jessie Eade
  • 3rd Lillian Huo
 Tumbling B Grade Mens
  • 1st Abhishek Ravichandran
  • 2nd Nathan Sands
Mens A grade Tramp
  • 3rd Abhishek Ravichandran


Open Day - Languages Department

On Thursday 28th June, MRGS held a school wide open day. The school was bustling with students and parents from various places around Mt Roskill and the community, and our students and teachers on campus had a blast presenting all that we have to offer at MRGS. 
I had the privilege of working with the Languages Department amongst my other peers to help welcome new faces and encourage them to choose one of the many languages available at MRGS. We used the library as a space to display some of the great work we do in class, and we also had students available to talk to and answer questions. It was a very positive experience, and I definitely would do it again. My favourite part was dressing up and becoming a real part of the culture. 

Aaliyah Ishrar 11 RSTJ  


Language Perfect Success

MRGS success in the 2018 Language Perfect World Championships
In Term 2, Mount Roskill Grammar School competed in the 2018 Language Perfect World Championships. This is part of the Education Perfect World Series.
There were over 1,450 schools worldwide who competed and MRGS came 5th in NZ and in the top 25 schools Worldwide. This represented about 1,500 hours learning languages and revising material in a fun way.
There were a large number of impressive results with:
  • over 140 MRGS pupils gaining awards
  • and more than 870,000 questions answered by MRGS Languages pupils
The very top students in this competition gained an ELITE Award & Badge because they gained over 10,000 points. They were in the top 0.2% of all competitors. Tessa Brown and Zainab Iqbal deserve a special mention for their dedication to gaining outstanding results worldwide. There were also 14 pupils who gained an Emerald Certificate for over 5,000 points, and 6 pupils gained a GOLD Certificate with over 3,000 points.
The 10 pupils who gained an Elite Award (10,000+ points) are: Tessa Brown, Zainab Iqbal, Huthaifa Ibrahim, Siva Sivaraman, Riley Mara, Olivia Chessum, Lisanke Gowsigan, Jaynee Woodward, Charry Hnin, Ausaaf Mohammed
The 14 pupils who gained an Emerald Award (5,000+ points) are: Euan McDougall, Sarah McKenzie, Haniya Zamora, Karen Wang, Lydias Yong, Morsal Darman, Bhavya Jasti, Lucy Palu, Sheng-Ya Wang, Max Chen, Emily Huang, Sylvia McDougall, Kate Bonnici, Heny Pancholi
The 6 pupils who gained a GOLD Award (3,000+ points) are: Catherine Voorwinden, Suvatiga Bawaananthan, Kenny Yu, Emily Bayldon, Shirley Chan, Marwa Slaimankhel
MRGS also gained:
  • SILVER Award (2,000+ points) = 23 students 
  • BRONZE Award (1,000+ points) = 46 students
  • CREDIT Award (500+ points) = 49 students
Student Feedback on Language Perfect:
“I never liked learning but this competition had changed my point of view. It was so much fun and it helped me learn a lot!”
“I like Education Perfect because it teaches me new things and helps me revise the things we learn at school”
“I feel really good and comfortable while working on Education/Language Perfect. It's easy to learn and is really helpful”
“I really enjoy education perfect, I really want to be first but I have to work very hard for that. It’s fun. It's good :)”
“Education Perfect is a really good program to use, as it doesn't limit anyone's abilities”
“I like Education Perfect because it teaches me new things and helps me revise the things we learn at school”

Senior French Dinner

Senior French Dinner at “Le Garde-Manger” restaurant June 2018
On the 25th of June, as a part of the senior French experience, Year 11 and 12 students studying French were given the opportunity to visit and have a three-course dinner at an amazing French restaurant on Queen Street - Le Garde-Manger. We left the school with our snazzy mufti outfits at around 4:10pm, and hopped off the bus at around 4:30pm, in front of the restaurant. After taking beaucoup de photos (a lot of photos), we finally went inside. Oh là là!! Très chic!! The lovely French staff showed us upstairs to a floor just for us because, of course, we were all TRÈS SPÉCIAL! We took our seats and placed our orders. Suddenly, we see the waiter walk into the room with two large wine bottles!! TRÈS SCANDALEUX!! Luckily, they weren’t really bottles of wine. We had two drink choices, red or green, -la Grenadine, ou la Menthe à l’Eau - which was pretty much red fruit cordial drinks, or minty cordial drinks! So yes - many of us enjoyed our meal with a red drink - a bright red drink - fruit juice. (I repeat ~ not wine). 
We were lucky because we were able to practice our French skills when ordering our meals. Pour l'entrée, we had 3 choices: Les escargots - snails, Salade au Chèvre Chaud - Goat’s Cheese Salad, or Soupe à l'Oignon - Onion Soup.
We all enjoyed l’entrée, especially the brave ones of us who took on les escargots! C’était TRÈS DÉLICIEUX!!
For main course, le plat, we had another 3 choices: Le coq au vin - Braised chicken in wine, Le Boeuf Bourguignon - Braised beef in red wine, and also, Le Plat Végétarien - a LoVeLy vEgEtArIaN dIsH.
After enjoying le plat, (TRÈS SPECTACULAIRE), while waiting pour le dessert, we had the chance to win many French prizes by getting our name drawn out of a hat. Some possibilities were snazzy Eiffel Tower keychains, fancy French fountain pens, or even CDs of famous French music!! 
Then le dessert arrived. La crème brûlée, ou, La mousse au chocolat!!
Le dessert était TRÈS TRÈS TRÈS DÉLICIEUX!!!!!
Finally, it was time for the return back to school. We all had an amazing time and would definitely come back. A huge MERCI BEAUCOUP to our French assistant Inès, and of course, our amazing French teachers who made this possible, Monsieur McAlpine, Madame Robertson et Monsieur Lett!!
C’était un voyage inoubliable!
Huthaifa Ibrahim

Arts Week Review

Arts Week at MRGS. A week long event of arts activities aimed at raising the profile of arts programmes here at the school. From solo vocal performers to student art exhibits and PFA showcases to an Illustration workshop; students engaged in multiple genres of art forms. We also hosted an ARTS CAREERS EXPO with 12 different institutions including AUT, AU, UNITEC, ELAM, Yoobee School of Design and more, which gave the students an incredible opportunity to learn about pathways and careers in the arts after grammar.  


Arts Career Expo

MRGS hosted an ARTS CAREERS EXPO this past Wednesday, the 27th June. Twelve different institutions were represented, including AU, AUT, UNITEC, ELAM, SAE, Yoobee School of Design, South Seas Film Institute and more. It was exciting to watch the students learn about possible pathways in the arts after grammar school. 


Contours of Heaven

Year 13 Drama students thoroughly enjoyed their field trip to the Basement Theatre on 21 June to see THE CONTOURS OF HEAVEN. Told with aroha and striking originality through the verbatim theatre, live vocal harmonies and movement, this one–woman show told the real stories of six young people from Te Matau a Maui, Hawke’s Bay. 


Japanese Quiz Night

On 22nd June, Friday night, a group of eight Mount Roskill Grammar School Year 10 students of Japanese attended the annual Japanese Trivia quiz night in AUT. This group consisted of two teams of four - team one: Pauline Zhou, Jessica Chung, Rupinder Kaur, Fabian Li – team two: Jackie Lu, Monica Liu, Corrin Ansin, Melinda Sun. Both teams competed against a large range of other schools in the Auckland region, answering a total of fifty questions in the three hours of our stay there. The questions were a variety of different aspects about Japan; culture, geography, daily life, food, pop culture and sports & festivals. Overall, it was a fun, engaging night for us all to both socialise with each other and learn more about Japan itself with all the different questions and answers popping up as we went through the quiz. Many of us and other schools dressed up in a traditional Japanese kimono and happy coats. Japanese snacks were also provided for us during the quiz as well as pre-bought sushi to have as dinner. It was a wonderful night and I would personally recommend any junior students of Japanese to participate in this next year. 
Fabian Li (HSBN) 

Arts Week

Community Education

The MRGS Community Education Programme will not continue after Term 2, 2018.
If you have already enrolled in a course for Term 3, 2018 and require a refund please email Com.Ed@mrgs.school.nz
If you wish to seek information about alternative English and other Community Course opportunities please go  to www.adultlearn.co.nz or www.aucklandcommunityeducation.co.nz


Rua - a Performing Arts Showcase

Open Day 2018

Consent Awareness Week

The week of June 11-15 the Peer Sexuality Support Programme team presents “Consent Awareness Week” for a fourth consecutive year in collaboration with the organisation BodySafe and The Auckland District Health Board. 
Messages will go out to reinforce that consent is required before any sexual activity with another person can take place. Consent can only be given when you are 16 or over and sober, and is has to be a free agreement between two people without pressure or coercion. 

Year 11 PE camp

Two year 11 PE classes set of on a Wednesday morning for their final overnight camp for the year. Despite the cold temperatures forecast overnight, spirits were high as usual as we headed for the Kauaeranga Forest Education Camp, just out of Thames in Coromandel country. Students prepared themselves well for the cold weather and with usual MRGS grit emerged from their tents with smiles and plenty of stories from the chilly night. A three hour tramp through forest to get splendid views of Table Mountain (pictured) capped off a valuable winter camping experience for all involved. 


MRGS Iftar Night

Japanese Language Immersion Trip

On Friday 1st of June, 12 excited students of the year 13 Japanese class ventured off on a trip to Tiritiri Matangi island, in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, on a Japanese immersion day. They encountered there many exciting, beautiful New Zealand native birds and wildlife in the sanctuary, many of which are endangered and cannot be seen on the mainland. The pest free island bears many lush forests of native New Zealand plant species which are home to endemic birds such as the iconic Kiwi, Saddleback, and Kokako. After learning the birdcalls from the guides, we were able to identify each of these species simply from the sound of their unique calls. Miss Kojima, one of the school’s Japanese teachers, is also a dedicated guide and volunteer member on Tiritiri Matangi island, and took the students on a tour of the island, where she and the students interacted in Japanese to enhance their language skills. They received an informative talk from Barbara, an educator on the island, who taught the students of the negative effects of plastic and waste on New Zealand’s wildlife, as well as destructive pests, and how today’s young people can help reduce the effects. Pest free Tiri is an example of how we can create a Pest free NZ. The Year 13 Japanese students were inspired by the work which has done on the island. Leigh, Jamie, Jaspher and Halym are passionate in joining the cause by becoming volunteers on the island.

Jamie Gibson (13 NMOR) 

Sky High Career

Gateway students recently attended a Flight Attendant 2 day course through Gateway, This course was held at International Travel College.

An excellent introduction to the industry and a place students can do a fuller 6 month course when they leave school. These specialist places that Gateway opportunities give students a real taste of working life. 

Welcoming the Community

On the 19th of February a lively, diverse group of 18 refugee students from the Mangere Refugee Re-settlement Centre came to visit Mt Roskill Grammar School (MRGS) hoping to get a glimpse of what this “new life” would have in store. The students were from Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Myanmar and Columbia. A group of MRGS refugee background students were buddies with a refugee student. The aim was to be an example an opportunity to experience what being a school student in New Zea-land was like. We showed them that through perseverance, language would no longer be a barrier but a challenge that we can overcome. The day consisted of showing the visitors around our school and exploring the extracurricular activities available and the experience of classroom settings. We all had an enjoyable and successful day. This not only benefited the newly arrived refugee students but us too, as we have made lifelong friends and our ties will forever be connected. A special thanks to Mrs Dunchie-Coley, Miss Ali and the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre for the opportunity.

Ammynah Kezo 

Year 12 Biology Trip

150 students visited the Waitakere Ranges to collect data for their Ecology internal assessment. They were taught and assisted by rangers from Arataki Visitors Centre and learned about the ecological relationships between plants and trees in the forest, focussing on the stratification of the forest in response to the availability of light from the top down. 

En Garde

Fencing at Mount Roskill Grammar School has begun. It is an Olympic sport requiring balance and good reflexes. The team meets in gym one on Mondays from 3.15pm and we have space for more keen and dedicated fencers to join us (no experience required).
Please see Mr Thompson (HOD Physics, in P6) for more details or email

Year 11 PE Tramp

As a part of the 11 PE Tramping Unit Standard, 30 MRGS students planned to tramp through the Okura Bush on Tuesday 10th April. Leaving for the Okura Bush Walkway in the morning we were prepared to face some incoming stormy weather on our journey. The first hour to the Dacre Cottage was dry and we felt we might be getting lucky. Twenty minutes into our lunch break we were hit with heavy rain, hail, thunder and lightning! We all managed to huddle under a shelter but eventually made a run for it. The final hour was a sodden trek through heavy bush but the students showed good resolve and made light of the situation to finally reach the bus soaked from head to toe. A character-building experience for both staff and students!

MRGS eSports Still Strong

Coming from our success as the two times defending champ, the MRGS Premier Team overshadowed every other school with their perfect score throughout the pool matches in the HSL tournament. In the first split of HSL 2018, the team made their way into the national semi-finals and was placed 3rd equal in the country.

The success of MRGS eSports is not limited at the premier level, the MRGS Challenger Team quietly climbed their way up the competition and were also 3rd equal in the challenger division with a perfect score in their pool matches to match our top team. 

Brain Bee

16 students competed in in Brain Bee Challenge 2018 Round 1 on the 16th March. The Round 1 multiple-choice quiz challenged students to recall knowledge and expertise in Neuroscience. 5 students, Vinayak Joshi, Rishi Shukla, Bhavya Jasti, Mizanur Miah and Matthew Mitra qualified to compete in the North Island Finals on the 5th July 2018 to be held in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, the University of Auckland. There they will visit neuroscientists in their laboratories and see some science in action and attend lectures from University professors.

Mount Roskill Grammar has previous won the New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge team competition in 2015 and we are looking forward to some great results from these students this year. 

Waterpolo on the Rise

The MRGS junior water polo team competed in two, 1 day tournaments during term one. The overall results were outstanding with the team winning four games, drawing one game, and losing one game. It was a great effort overall by all players involved and things are looking very promising for the rest of the junior season commencing in term 4.
The MRGS Senior A team finished middle of the table in the Auckland Senior B Boys competition. Overall this was a very pleasing result as the team had moved up into this grade this year. The team improved greatly over the season. This was shown with the team easily winning their playoff game and with no subs comfortably beat Auckland Grammar 8-2.

The MRGS Senior B team finished middle of the table in the Auckland Senior C Boys competition. Considering this is a development squad and the majority of the team are juniors there were some very pleasing results. The team was often playing teams much larger and older than them but this didn’t stop there being some great games. The last game of their season they thrashed Waitakere College 14-1 in a very physical game. There were several great individual contributions by Oscar Mackenzie scoring 4 goals, Josie Noller scoring 3 goals, and Josh Lyon scoring 3 goals. Great effort from a predominantly junior mixed team playing in a senior boys competition. 

Healthy Sandwich Day

The Health Committee organised their annual ‘Healthy Sandwich Day’ towards the end of term 1. The event aims not only to provide a healthy lunchtime snack to the hard-working MRGS students but also to give them ideas about ways they can be more healthy in their daily lives.

The huge turnout means the message was well received,. Our thanks to all the staff and sponsors who supported the event.

PFA Out and About

The PFA students have been on many trips so far this year. Year 11-13Drama went to the Pop Up Globe in Ellerslie to see ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ which was very funny and kept the students engaged the whole way through. The Year 13 Drama class also saw the international touring production of ‘1984’. A range of senior Dance students went to see Side B, work by Trip the Light Dance Company. Our own teacher Caitlin Thompson stage managed the show which was interesting for our learners to see. Orpheus by New Zealand Dance Company at The Civic Theatre was also attended by our senior Dance students and was a fabulous evening out. All trips that our Performing Arts students go on benefit them in many ways - they help the students to think of new ideas and approaches in their practical internal work, but some classes also use this knowledge in their externals. 

MEAR Leadership Group

On Monday 19th of March, ME.A.R. leadership group attended World Vision's Youth Conference 2018. The day outlined to ignite passion for justice and equality in young New Zealand Students. We learnt the benefit of working together with gratitude. We became more open minded of our world and the conference taught us to not only come together as humanity but as a family. It was a life changing experience to witness others who have inspir-ing stories and express them in a unique way.

Marwa Slaimankhel

Praise for Girls´ Volleyball YTeam

The following letter was received after the girls' volleyball team returned from the National Championships.
Hi there,
I just wanted to take the time to write to you to say what a wonderful experience we had with your Senior Girls Volleyball team and coaching staff at the National Championships last week in Palmerston North.
We initially had them as a duty team in which they conducted themselves very professionally and always with smiles on their faces.
Over the next couple of days we found ourselves on similar court/times as the team and they were always friendly, positive and encouraging.
When we were playing our final game, they came over to our game after theirs had finished and supported and cheered our team on (which resulted in quite a come back in the set from our team).
I am sure you know this about your team already, but I know it is always nice to receive emails where the general public and other schools are witnessing first-hand what great girls you have and how well they conduct themselves, and represent your school when away at tournaments.
We look forward to seeing them at Nationals again next year
Kind regards,

Paula Rule 

ANZAC Day Parade

Prefects gathered at May Road War Memorial on ANZAC Day, April 25th, to honour the New Zealanders and Australians which served during the 1915 Gallipoli War. Our head boy, Zane Chaudry, and deputy head girl, Hana Galea, laid a wreath in honour whilst prefects stood in respect. The morning continued with various hymns, speeches and a moment of silence before being dismissed to enjoy the rest of the sunny day.

Debating at MRGS

We are at the mid-way point of our Debating season. MRGS has received great interest and enthusiasm for debating this year. Competing in the Auckland Schools Debating competition are four teams competing at Junior Open grade, three at Senior Open grade and one team at Advanced Open grade. Teams have been working hard at preparing their cases and competing across all the grades.

Auckland Regional Debating Tournament

Three teams representing MRGS took part in the annual Auckland regional debating tournament towards the end of Term 2. The day started at 8:30am at Diocesan school for Girls. Teams were formally welcomed by the Hon Nikki Kaye. She gave an inspirational speech about the importance of understanding a diverse range of viewpoints.

MRGS teams competed in four debates with topics including whether artists (e.g. pop stars) should not perform in countries which commit significant human rights abuses to whether the feminist movement should encourage women to wear makeup. The tournament was great for the development of MRGS Debating and our teams thoroughly enjoyed their day. 

Getting Better with Age

The wonderful old lady of the music department has recently undergone a complete refurbishment.
With a total refit of all the internal workings, the richness that comes from the age of the wood is now echoing around the music department.
Students and staff are thrilled to be able to play such a fabulous instrument and are planning to share the experi-ence with our wider community in a series of concerts and recitals in the coming months.
Thanks to the Board of Trustees and the school leadership for supporting this project.

Young Free Pasifika Annual Conference

Young Free Pasifika Annual conference was hosted by Affirming Works Organisation. The theme was to encourage young Pasifika girls to explore, empower and embrace who they are through workshops and inspirational speakers, in order to empower themselves and fulfil their potential through innovative mentoring and education, to develop into influential leaders who will contribute positively towards their communities.
The girls came away really excited by what they learned and motivated by the success of speakers to persevere and challenge themselves and others.
The legends of Nafanua (Samoan) and Talamasina (Tongan) were female warriors who paved the way for all Pasifika women to be leaders.
The GirlBoss NZ workshop was aimed at Year 11-13 Maori and Pasifika girls who have an interest in STEAM Subjects (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) and wanted to learn about and explore the impact they can have in these fields. It was an inspiring workshop for those who want to make posi-tive change in their communities, and maximise their impact through science and technology. All 30 girls from MRGS who participated received merchandise and free membership of GirlBoss NZ. It was a wonderful fun day and the girls left inspired and ready to tackle the world. It’s important to note that before the programme 38% of attendees were interested in a STEAM pathway but after they had com-pleted it 91% said they were more likely to follow a STEAM Pathway.
Some if the reflections from the girls included:
That I have the potential and power to make a change (and help others) in the world today' .

'That we as woman are strong and we all have the power to be whatever we want to be. We have girl power and we can all strive and succeed

Gateway to Success

Vea and Marlin and Glorielle and Natasha are loving a work placement opportunity through Gateway at Countdown.
They are attending the Three Kings and Mt Roskill branches and are enjoying understanding what happens behind the scenes of their local supermarkets. Through opportunities such as these students learn reliability, the importance of being on time, and how work places function.
They complete comprehensive work books and unit standards. As a result, at Countdown 19 credits level 2 are achievable.

ANZ work experience is more of an observing situation where students observe customer service and administration skills in five work placement days. Combined with this, is a holiday 4 day course about customer service, sales, presentation and legal and health and safety issues at the International Travel College. This work experience is fabulous on the students CV, and can lead to part time work at head office at ANZ in the city when at University. 

Top Flight Badminton Champion

Lucas Mitchell from Year 9, was crowned a triple champion at North Island/Auckland U15 Badminton Championship. Recently held at the Auckland Badminton Association. Lucas won the Boys Singles, Boys Doubles and Mixed Doubles titles.
He joins Ian Busby (year 10) as an Auckland U17 representative player. 

Peer Mediation Service 2018

“Being a Mediator is about being with my chosen family. Being with a group of students from differ-ent religions, cultures and ages working together towards the important goal of world peace”. Year 12 Mediator.
The Peer Mediation Service is about supporting students to deal with conflict in a constructive way without violence. It is about standing up for fairness and respect for all, dealing with bullying and help-ing students get support when needed. It is about being an active bystander against all forms of bullying so that every student can feel free to be who they are at MRGS.
In March, 115 new Mediators were trained by the Peace Foundation, which involved learning effective communication and conflict resolution skills. A further 50 Advanced Mediators received a whole days training from the Peace Foundation and other LEADR adult Mediators, many of them being lawyers. Other Advanced training was provided by Youthlaw (Youth Rights & Responsibilities) Julie Watson (Race relations), and SHINE (the effects of violence). A new training was provided by the awesome PSSP team on sexual and gender diversity which involved learning how to stand up against homophobic and tran-sphobic harassment.
A big thank you to all our incredible providers of training for our Mediators, and a huge thank you to those Mediators who all work so hard to make MRGS a safer, kinder more respectful place to be.
If any student is experiencing conflict or bullying please come to Student Services for confidential support from the Peer Mediation Service.

Secondary Schools Equestrian Cup

On the 12th April, Emma Baker and her horse “Ronaldo”, took part in the Secondary School Equestrian Cup. This was held at Woodhill Sands in West Auckland. The pair competed well and went round the jumps set at 80cm with ease. The second round at 90cm was more demanding as Ronaldo had not competed at that height before. Ronaldo had 3 rails down but behaved impeccably for Emma and was impressively calm despite the large number of other horses and riders around. Hopefully we will see the pair compete for the school in more competitions in the future.

Fia Fia Night, 30th May

Puketapapa Youth Board

The Puketapapa Youth Board was officially welcomed on Thursday 17 May at the newly restored Mount Roskill Municipal Chambers. Puketapapa Youth Board presents an opportunity for young people to share their perspective and contribute to shaping the future of the local board area over the next two years. It is proudly supported by Puketapapa Local Board. Members of the youth board contribute their time and skills in serving their communities. Mt Roskill Grammar School has Angel Potoi as the school representative. We are proud to have our pupils on the youth board; Brian Khomkomphut (Year 11), Melinda Sun (Year 10)  and Bethany Leota (Year 13). Also Ojas Shukla, Nancy Gafa our past pupils.  
" I am very honoured to be part of an amazing opportunity as I can give back to the community. I am involved with many groups within the school and will try to bring my leadership skill that I learn from the Youth Board to them." - Brian Khomkomphut  
 read more here  

Performing Arts Workshop

On May 18th Tama Jarman of the very successful ‘White Face Theatre Crew’ came to visit Mt Roskill Grammar School to work with the Year 11 and 12 Drama classes. Tama has been working with The Basement Theatre Company in order to bring this free energising workshop to our students which taught them about working together and giving your energy and focus to the performance. The students loved working with Tama and left energised and excited to take this learning into their own work. Thanks to Tama and The Basement for their continued support of Mt Roskill Grammar School Performing Arts. 


24th March, Team Photo´s Schedule

PSSP Workshop

A vibrant, well-attended interactive workshop was run by the Peer Sexuality Support Programme students for the Advanced mediators on Tuesday 15th May! The Peer Sexuality Support team and the Mediators shared their passion to make Roskill a safe place for all, and pro-actively fight homophobia and transphobia.

A big THANK YOU to all PSSP facilitators and participants!
The workshop will be an annual event. If you missed out, enrol next year if you are still at MRGS!

NZIIU-Education Perfect France Exchange

In January this year I was lucky enough to experience life in France for 3 months, as one of the recipients of the NZIIU and Education Perfect scholarship! I stayed at a small village called Fellering, in a valley surrounded by mountains. Fellering belongs to the region of Alsace, situated in the North-East of France, with both French and German heritage. 
One of the biggest highlights of my exchange was definitely being a high school student at Lycée Scheurer-Kestner. I made valuable connections with my classmates who are now some of my closest friends, even though we are currently 18,435km away from each other. School started at 8am and finished at 4 or 5.30pm, with 7 to 8 periods each day! It was pretty full on since most subjects were in 2-hour blocks, with some taking up 3 hours in one day! Another difference was that you can’t choose every subject, but you have to choose a pathway from Science, Economics, or Literature. 
Every moment in France was a great learning experience. Being immersed in a French environment is a really effective way to learn the language! Through interactions at school and with my host family, I made a lot of progress in my French speaking and comprehension! Every day there would be new, thought-provoking things that kept popping up! Aside from learning about the language, culture, and lifestyle, I also learnt how to be more independent and to manage myself better. 
Learning another language really does help you understand different cultures and perspectives, and opens up a whole new world of opportunities. If you’re thinking of doing an exchange, don’t be indecisive about it! It truly is a part of your life that you will never forget since it impacts you in so many ways! 
I would like to say a big thank you to NZIIU, Education Perfect, CEI, my French teachers Mr McAlpine and Miss Robertson, and my family for supporting me from before the exchange, throughout, and after!
For more information about student exchanges, you’re welcome to ask me or visit the NZIIU website: http://www.student-exchange.co.nz/
For more details about my exchange, here’s my blog: https://thatpenguininfrance.wordpress.com/

Ellen Peng 

Upcoming PFA Events

Upcoming events in the PFA Department for Term 2 include beginning auditions and rehearsals for our MRGS Hip Hop Crew. We are excited to perform and compete at Stand Up Stand Out again this year.
This term we also are starting up a Boys Dance project led by Joash Fahitua. Joash trained at the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts, in hip hop, Pacific dance and contemporary dance. He has performed all over the world with world renowned New Zealand dance company Black Grace, he now runs his own dance company in Auckland called Trip the Light. The project will take place every Tuesday in the PFA studio 3.20-4.30.
We are also excited to begin auditions and rehearsals for our award winning High School Rockerz (Indian Dance) group, who came 2nd runner up last year. Finally, we are looking forward to a Junior Musical Project this term which involves junior students showing their talents in dance, drama and music. More updates coming soon!

PFA Taster Sessions

The PFA Department has been trying to recruit new members to their whanau. We have so much natural talent in our school and we want to have that talent in front of us in the classroom! One way we have tried to do this so far this year, is having taster sessions where kids can learn from professional dancers in lunch time sessions. We have had Elvin Wong from Identity Dance Company who took a Hip Hop set, as well as Xavier Breed (University of Auckland Pasifika Contemporary Choreographer) and Elijah Kennar (Atamira Dance Company) and Logan Collis (Vogue and Waacking performer) who have taught a range of styles. Thanks to those students who took advantage of this free exciting opportunity! 

Congratulations to Jiordyn

Congratulations to Jiordyn Hoeft (current Yr 12 MRGS Dance student) and his crew Yung ID for placing First at NZ Hip Hop Nationals in the mega crew division and will now be representing NZ at the Hip Hop World champs!!!  In PFA Dept graduate news, on 21st April Avneil Mohan (2016) and Myke Hoeft (2013) competed together at Street Talk 2v2 battles and placed second. Neil also competed at Hip Hop National Championships with Happy Feet and came second. Congratulations! 

PFA Field Trips

The PFA students have been on many trips so far this year. Year 11-13Drama went to the Pop Up Globe in Ellerslie to see ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ which was very funny and kept the students engaged the whole way through. The Year 13 Drama class also saw the international touring production of ‘1984’. A range of senior Dance students went to see Side B, work by Trip the Light Dance Company. Our own teacher Caitlin Thompson stage managed the show which was interesting for our learners to see. Orpheus by New Zealand Dance Company at The Civic Theatre was also attended by our senior Dance students and was a fabulous evening out. All trips that our Performing Arts students go on benefit them in many ways - they help the students to think of new ideas and approaches in their practical internal work, but some classes also use this knowledge in their externals. 


Tahi – a Performing Arts Showcase
The Performing Arts Whanau showcased their current academic work in a Term 1 performance called Tahi: A Showcase. This included students from 10PFA, 11-13Dance and 11-12Drama. We called the performance Tahi to celebrate the first term, as well as a number of other ‘firsts’... For many it was their first time on stage, and this was a celebration of their bravery. We showcased Commedia dell’Arte (Italian masked comedy pieces) as well as a range of teacher and student choreographed Dance and a few passion-projects (work that students have made in their own time which needs celebrating). The performance went very well… Thanks to the students for managing themselves so well and a big thanks to the backstage and Front of House team for supporting us. We look forward to our next showcase in Week 9 of Term 2.

Congratulations to Abishek

Congratulations to Abhishek Ravi (Year 10) who just finished competing in the international Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival Dance Competition 2018. He placed 2nd in the Sub Junior Traditional category (13-14 y/os) and placed 3rd in the Sub Junior Invocation category (13-14 y/os). Abhishek is well known in Auckland Indian Dance scene for his beautiful performances and it is fabulous to see him representing Mt Roskill and wider New Zealand at this international festival.  

NZDC Autumn School

During the Autumn school break Maree Gaslevich (Yr 13), Sheida Tavita (Yr 11) and Una van Dalen (Yr 10) were awarded scholarships to take part in the NZ Dance Company's Autumn School intensive. This was a week of grueling training where they learnt four pieces in varying styles. Two of these dances were originally choreographed for the company’s professional dancers - so were very technically challenging. They took this in their stride and although bruised and sore performed, the works they learnt at the end of the week on Friday 27 April. Well done girls - you were incredible!  

Wizard of Otahuhu

Congratulations to our eight Mt Roskill members of The Wizard of Otahuhu, Nimeti Akatere, Justin and Tristin Katoa, ‘Isope ‘Akau’ola, Netane Taukiuvea, Ella Mavaega and ex students Josephine and Talia-Rae Mavaega. These students auditioned for the large-scale musical performed at Mangere Arts Centre and all made the final chop - and performed beautifully over 17 shows! For many of them, it was their first public show, but the audience couldn’t have known that; they performed with such energy, had killer dance moves, hilarious moments and facial expressions, and were so professional. The Performing Arts Dept are so so very proud of you all.

Noughts & Crosses

The Year 13 Drama whanau performed their production of ‘Noughts and Crosses’, a play by Dominic Cooke from the original novel by Malorie Blackman, in early April to three sold out crowds. They performed professionally and with such ensemble and self awareness, all students gaining a Merit and above in their assessment. A big thank you to the staff and students involved backstage, especially Ella Mavaega for her composition of the score for the show, and Rocky Parsons and Sam Halalilo for their accompaniment on the drums and double bass. 


Polyfest Results (Diversity Stage)

The MRGS Indian and Ethiopian Polyfest groups had a wonderful time at Polyfest on the 15th of March. Both groups performed to a very high standard against tough competition on the Diversity Stage. Our Indian Group placed 2nd equal in the Choreography category! This is a  huge achievement as it is across all continents and groups on the diversity stage. 
The Ethiopian Group placed 2nd in the African Continent category! This award means a lot for our Ethiopian group as many students in the group were new to Performing Arts; we are happy to retain our 2nd placing for the second year running! A big congratulations and thanks to all students and staff involved! Students will catch our groups performing their award winning dances again during term 2 in the school assemblies in week 3 and 4.

Year 10 French Cafe Trip

Year 10 Eiffel en Eden Café Trip
The Year 10 French Café Trip to Eiffel en Eden in Term 1 was a marvellous experience and about 50 Year 10 French pupils were there! I’m pretty sure it made everyone excited. For me, it was great! I really loved the fact that when we arrived at the café, the staff there treated us very kindly and we all ordered things in French. We went upstairs which was reserved for us. I especially liked the decorative look like the French street lamps and the salt and pepper shakers in the form of an Eiffel Tower.
 There was a variety of food to choose from that made the trip spectacular. I found it fun when we had to communicate and order in French. Some names of food items were new to us but it was fun giving it a go and it made us laugh. I loved the food. It was so good, especially the “religieuse” pastries because of the chocolate mousse custard inside. We could also order snails “escargots” and it was exciting when the first person ordered because everyone seemed tense when they watched the snails being eaten. The first brave pupil was Nayash Prasad and he ordered a total of 15 snails throughout the morning! Other things ordered included: Un pain au chocolat, une tarte aux pommes, un éclair au chocolat, un croissant aux amandes, etc.
 We were lucky enough to have a French waitress sing songs for us including “Aux Champs-Élysées”. It was such an awesome trip and I look forward to going to a French Restaurant in Year 11. Thank you to the teachers who were there: Mr McAlpine, Miss Robertson and Mr Lett.
Rachel Ogbuze 

Maths and Science Success

In March, Education Perfect had a competition for Maths and Science – MRGS did very well, yet again, coming 5th out of 285 schools. This placed MRGS in the 98th percentile.
Outstanding results from:
  • Ansh Angurala - 39th - 6,745 Gold
  • Rachel Huang - 60th - 4,670 Gold
  • Zoe Fuller - 69th - 4,348 Gold
  • Ausaaf Mohammed - 89th - 3,607 Gold
  • Haniyah Zamora - 117th - 3,076 Gold
  • Lisa Schumacher - 123rd - 3,021 Gold
  • Jordan Fuller - 162nd - 2,441 Silver
Congratulations to all the students who participated and to those who gained awards.

Senior Japanese Restaurant Trip

On Wednesday 4th of April, 14 senior students studying Japanese were able to have the amazing opportunity to have a set dinner meal at an authentic Japanese restaurant named Nishiki, located in Freemans Bay. It was a great experience tasting the wide variety of Japanese cuisine such as, teriyaki chicken, sushi, tempura, tofu, dumplings, and much more. It was interesting seeing the students struggle with their chopstick skills, however everyone did fairly well. The meal was nicely finished off with a scoop of ice-cream with a range of flavours that students could choose from, the green tea and sesame flavoured ice cream is a must-try!  Many thanks to Miss Kojima and Mrs Cave for organising this event.

Julie Yi


Whanau Hui

NZJS Haiku and Shodo Competition

At the end of last year I entered the Haiku and Shodo competition. My Haiku was ‘True beauty lies beyond visible masks’. I got short listed and was selected to go to an interview with the people hosting the competition, NZ Japan Society.  I was interviewed by 3 officials and my interview was very long because I was talking so much! They began with testing my Japanese speaking abilities and they also asked some questions in English. They questioned me about how I wrote my Haiku, why I wrote it, if I had been to Japan before and what I have learnt and more. After a few weeks they notified me that I got the Highly Commended award and I attended the prize giving ceremony at the Consulate General of Japan in Auckland. I was awarded a certificate and $50 gift card.  

Bhavya Jasti  

Junior Report Night

Tuesday, 10th April from 4pm to 7pm. This is an opportunity to meet with subject teachers of year 9 and 10 students.


If you are unable to access on-line bookings please contact either Mrs Nisha Bhana on ext. 754, or Mrs Jules Kerry-Atkinson on ext. 0, Ph. 09-621 0050.

Bookings will remain open until 10am, Tuesday 10th April.

TAHI Performing Arts Showcase

Dance and Drama Showcase

On the 11th and 12th of April at 7 pm, our DANCE AND DRAMA SHOWCASE will feature our year 11 - 13 Dance students and our year 11 - 12 Drama students in a range of styles and genres in performance. This show will be held in Butler Hall and tickets will be available in from 6th April for $5 from accounts.

Traditional Japanese Clothing

On the 15th of March, students taking Japanese this year were fortunate enough to get a visit from two Japanese Embassy representatives led by Mr Hayasaka. We received an insightful introduction to the traditional clothing of Japan; the Yukata and the Kimono. After this, we were told that we were going to be trying on the Yukata which is only worn during the summer in Japan. We went through the complicated process of putting on the “obi” sash with which a majority of us struggled with but luckily, Mr Hayasaka’s assistant, Fumiko supported us and we were done in a jiffy! 
We then went to show off our Yukatas to our peers and received a booklet regarding the beautiful and interesting history of Japan. It was a very memorable experience and I am sure many of us can definitely say that it was the first time trying on such an elegant yet complicated piece of clothing! 
Jackie Lu


Polyfest Diversity Stage Results

Well done to all of our four Polyfest groups! What a crazy but wonderful week.

Results for Diversity Stage are as follows....
Indian Group placed 2nd equal in Choreography category! 
A huge award as it is across all continents on the diversity stage. Sira, Sachin and Abhi, we thought you might win something for your choreography - some of the best we've ever seen for an Indian group at MRGS.
Ethiopian Group placed 2nd in African Continent category! 
A huge win for our Ethiopian group as many students in the group are new to Performing Arts; we are happy to retain our 2nd placing for the second year running!
Looking forward to the Term 2 assembly performances.
Congrats to all students and staff involved!

Year 13 Drama Production

The 13Drama Class of 2018 have been working hard on an epic version of Noughts and Crosses (by Malorie Blackman/Dominic Cooke). Tickets on sale Week 9 from accounts! We expect to sell out as it's in the PFA room with intimate seating! 
Thanks to Pansy Ou for this awesome poster design and to Riley Mara for the ticket design.

MRGS Rugby Season Sign-up

Mt Roskill Library to Visit

Two librarians from Mt Roskill public library will be in the MRGS library Friday 23rd March during lunchtime to talk about ebooks/eaudiobooks, joining the library, homework help, job opportunities, and how the library can benefit us – please come along to this fun event and see what the local library has to offer!

Congratulations to Mrs Collins

Deputy Principal Karen Collins received a TeachNZ study award for 2018 and will be on study leave from March until November.
I became a teacher because I like learning. I am grateful for what I have learned, alongside both colleagues and students, over the past 20 years at MRGS – as a Deputy Principal, English teacher and dean.
I am looking forward to learning in a different capacity this year; completing my Post Graduate Diploma, and starting my Masters in Educational Leadership, at the University of Auckland.
I am constantly reflecting on how I can improve what I do to benefit both students and staff and appreciate the support of Mr Watson and the BOT enabling me to take up this opportunity.
I will miss MRGS this year as I genuinely see it as not just a place to learn but a place to be nurtured. Look after each other.

…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feelMaya Angelou 

2018 Polyfest Prep

This year we have two groups competing on the Polyfest Diversity stage. The Indian group had lots of students turn up to the audition and the student leaders, Sachin Dutt, Siraanika Govindu and Abhishek Ravichandran, are looking forward to choreographing and teaching the group. The three styles of dance they will be showing are Classical Indian dance, Bhangra and Bollywood.
The African group, representing Ethiopia, is being tutored by Fathe Tesfamariam, an all-round performing artist out of the East African part of the Continent. In 2017, he had a leading role in On Transit, a show about African people's journeys to New Zealand. He is a graduate of South Seas Film & Television School, and has been working independently running community dance classes since 2012. The group is already working extremely hard in their rehearsals, with high intensity movement and energy. We are looking forward to the performance day and can’t wait to see if we place as well as MRGS did last year. 

International Badminton Honours

Lucas Mitchell (Year 9) won through to the second round of Yonex North Habour International men's singles. This is a great result for Lucas at such a young age particularly as it is the first time he has played in international tournaments. Lucas was also selected into the U15 National team by Badminton New Zealand. He will be travelling to Indonesia with the team for Pembangunau Jaya Raya Junior Grand Prix and training camp in early April.

Lucas is top row, fifth from the left. 

2018 Prefects

Congratulations to our 2018 Prefects and in particular to Zane Chaudhry (Head Boy), Kiana Damu (Head Girl), Hana Galea and Ainsley Lim (Deputy Head Girls) and Chrsitian Turner and Yusuf Guessous (Deputy Head Boys). 

List of All 2018 Prefects

Senior Girls´ Volleyball - Auckland Champions

Following on from their success in the division championships our senior girls' volleyball team moved on to the Auckland Championships.
After some strong play in the group stages, the girls took out a comfortable semi-final win against Kelston Girls to set up a title match against Howick. In the words of one spectator, “It really was a nail biter of a final game, with one out with injury and only one sub!
Howick won the first game. Roskill regained their composure, with some serious pep talking from their coach, and won the second game. This gave our girls the confidence to go into the final game. They were ahead 14-11 then Howick equalised. A fantastic tussle ensued with a lot of shouting and cheering as each team went one up, until the deadlock was broken by MRGS who showed a great deal of composure, pride and strength to eventually take out the final set by 2.

A huge congratulations to the girls, the coaches and all those that came along to support. 

2017 Excellence Endorsements

Once again, the school achieved high numbers of Excellence endorsements and continued the outstanding achievement across a range of subjects that the endorsements represent. A student’s NCEA will be endorsed with Excellence if they gain 50 credits at Excellence. In 2017 a total of 187 MRGS students achieved at this highest level across NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3. These results once again attest to the committed, resilient and engaged learning within our student community.

Year 13 with NCEA Level 2 or Higher

Excellence Endorsement Wall of Fame

The following students were awarded overall excellence endorsement for 2017.
Level 1 Excellence
Janice Ah Sam, Isope 'Akau'ola, Wanya Ansari, Amra Arshad, Emaan Asad, Kerwyn Bennett, Kate Bonnici, Akash Boppana, Dhiraj Bora, Joel Castelino, Krisha Chandnani, Asif Cheena, Ano Chitando, Parth Desai, Skanda Deshpande, Ishita Dwivedi, Jessica Fang, Glorielle Filisi, Gwyneth Garcia, Catharine George, Saakshi Hegde, Emily Huang, Abdullah Islam, Wooyoung Jang, Christine Fangzhi Jian, Dezil Jojo, Akash Kanamala, Simran Komalan, Jenice Kuzhikombil, Youxiang Lei, Ima Li, Jojo Liang, Caitlin Low, Jacob Madgwick, Sean Malone, Niharika Man-dadi, Neil Mario, Sarah McKenzie, Asem Mohamed Arif, Amnashara Mohamed Shuraik, Vinodhini Murali, Manasija Nandagiri, Justin Ng, Max Noller, Kunj Patel, Tayla Pennell Tupou, Amisha Prasad, Shameer Prasad, Lovely Pulotu, Aruni Ramalingam, Pranav Rao, Adithi Rathnayake, Manav Rathod, Rinesh Rattan, Jessica Rigg, Gianlucca Salva-Bascur, Sangavi Shanthinathan, Fahad Shehzad, Snehal Sibi, Susan Su, Anna Sue, Nadia Suhaimi, Jack Sun, Daniel Torrey, Lillian Tualau, Ala Vailala, Lauren van Laarhoven-Hargreaves, Carlton Varela, Sheng-Ya Wang, Kevin Wu, Caroline Yan, Julie Yi, Abdullah Yousef, Cindy Yuan, Jabez Zeleke, Nancy Zhang, Wendy Zhao, Rebecca Zhao, Sophia Zhou
Level 2 Excellence
Deesha Bhatia, Akash Boppana, Matthew Carey, Mahir Chand, Carmen Chen, Cathy Chen, Kinsh Chhabra, Amanda Chow, Jenny Chung, Rae Cruz, Michael Dang, Chantal Deverell, Zara Deverell, Thea Dickson, Alison Huanzhu Dong, Rebecca Fergu-son, Isabella Fong, Dion Fonseca, Hana Galea, Pankaj Ghodla, Jamie Gibson, Anna Greaves, Ayla Hawthorne, Selena He, Aa-ron Huo, Abdullah Islam, Stephaan Jacques, Christine Fangzhi Jian, Syed Kazmi, Adam King, Youxiang Lei, Liam Liang, Maha-lakshmi Manthramoorthy, Vakhtangi Mestvirishvili, Miguel Mitra, Alexander Nicholson, Pansy Ou, Rocky Parsons, Krupa Patel, Meghna Patel, Ellen Peng, Emily Power, Elizabeth Qian, Axl Rada, Aashna Rahi, Janna Rana, Pranav Rao, Khushi Sehaj-pal, Jill Shukla, Gunjan Soeny, Dilsha Sudu Dewage, Ann Maria Tomy, Kelis Tosala, Tania Tribhuvan, Lillian Tualau, Sheng-Ya Wang, Davis Wu, Sachi Yamamoto, Sarah Yan, Hannah Yu, Rebekah Yu, Cindy Yuan, Wendy Zhao, George Zhou
Level 3 Excellence

Shristi Anand, Caleb Baptista, Yasmin Bell, Catherine Benny, Ellen Bingham, Tessa Brown, Winnie Chen, Shuen Shuen Chu, Dhanada Dave, Sheldon Desa, Ruba Firowze, Ding Gao, Sannan Hafeez, Jay Kuang-Yi Huang, Naomi Inoue-Rajapaksa, Hiromi Inoue-Rajapaksa, Vyshni Ishwaran, Breearna Johnson, Pranavan Kailainathan, Gajanth Kanakaratnam, Shivam Kapoor, Vibhasrita Kasha, Cindy Ko, Youfei Lei, David Lin, Vanros Jiarui Lin, Josephine Mavaega, Callum McKenzie, Mihika Mehta, Karthik Menon, Arshiya Mohamed Arif, Sam Anhad Paul, Priya Prakash, Madhulika Ravuri, Shaineel Reddy, Thuluksiga Shan-thinathan, Ojas Shukla, Anna Sin, Bineprit Singh, Elizabeth Tan, Natalie Tan, Tushar Thakur, Alan Thomas, Srishti Toora, Jahnvi Trivedi, Siosaia Tuitupou, Alice Wang, David Wong, Jaime Wu, Felix Yang, Kevin Yang, Elvin Zhang 

Scholarship Examination Succeses

Our school’s record of achievement in the premier national examination continued as MRGS students gained 63 scholarships. Our congratulations to all the scholarship recipients. Among these, Tushar Thakur will receive New Zealand Outstanding Scholar Awards. Scholarships were awarded across 16 different subjects with 18 scholarships and 4 outstanding scholarships achieved in Accounting. In addition, students achieved two outstanding scholarships and four scholarships in Chemistry plus one outstanding scholarship and five scholarships in Statistics. 33 students gained at least one scholarship and eight students gained three or more scholarships. 

2017 NCEA and Scholarship Results

Once again, Mount Roskill students demonstrated their powerful learning in the NCEA and scholarship examinations. We often say that a little country like New Zealand always punches above its weight on the international stadium and in NZ, Mt Roskill Grammar punches above it weight in the education sector. The Board of Trustees congratulates students, their families and the staff of MRGS for these outstanding results. The big increase in pass rates are a result of considerable thought, planning, time and effort by all and are reliant on a strongly formed three way partnership between students, families and teachers. We all know that a strong team brings in the results. A student’s success is enjoyed by families and staff who have also invested heavily in the student’s education.
This is the biggest yearly increase in pass rates that MRGS has ever seen. Congratulations to the Mount Roskill Grammar School community.
Some details and graphs are given below:
Whole school
Pass rate for Level 1 was 86.2%, the best ever results at MRGS.
Pass rate for Level 2 at 85.0% and shows a significant increase on previous years and, as with the Level 1, represents the best ever results at MRGS.
Pass rate for Level 3 at 75.2% is the best ever, which is considerably higher than the national average and completes the record year for MRGS with the highest Level 3 results in the school’s history.
The percentage of Year 13 students gaining at least Level 2 is now 96.3%.
Level 1 Numeracy and Literacy achievement rates remain at very high levels with literacy at 92.6% and numeracy at 97.8%.
Key points
There is a sustained trend of improvement in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 pass rates resulting in the highest pass rates in MRGS history at Level 1, 2 and 3! The results of our Maori and Pasifika students continue to rise. Our Maori students continued to exceed previous years’ results in level 1 and 2 and our Pasifika students recorded their highest results across all levels in 2017. Level 3 and University Entrance remain good with the UE results of our Pasifika students more than doubling over the past year.
Endorsement rates at all levels continue at high levels.

NCEA Level 1 Pass Rates

NCEA Level 2 Pass Rates

NCEA Level 3 Pass Rates

Year 12 Rafting Trip

As part of their Year 12 P.E programme our Exercise Prescription class went rafting at the new Vector Wero Whitewater park in Manukau. Vector Wero is New Zealand’s first artificial world class river (only opening last year) and provided the perfect setting for students to demonstrate their risk management strategies in a challenging outdoor activity for their current internal assessment. The teamwork/leadership and support amongst students was fantastic as they worked together navigating the thrilling but challenging white water. With plunging drops, raft capsizes and swirling eddies much fun was had by all and made for an exciting start to Year 12 P.E.  

Japanese Tea Ceremony

On the 7th of March, the Year 10 students of Miss Kojima took part in a tea ceremony. Miss Kojima showed us a part of her culture by allowing us to make traditional Japanese tea. First, we were told to eat a little cube of Kumara jelly called Yookan to help balance out the bitterness of the tea. Putting the water on the kettle to boil, we were told to clean everything beforehand to bring purity to our tea. Using a bowl for drinking tea, the tea powder was put into the bowl using a Japanese Tea spoon (A long wooden handle with a hook at the end). Hot Water was then added and a Japanese whisk made of bamboo was used to make it into a light green frothy texture. Before drinking, we had to turn the bowl twice and then we drank it (it tasted of seaweed). It was a fun experience making tea and learning more about a different culture.

Corrin Ansin 


Three Kings School Jubilee

Opportunities for Maths Students

Opportunities for keen Mathematics students – all levels

Australian Mathematics Competitions (AMC), ICAS and/ or Casio Mathematics Competition, Auckland Mathex Competition - Entries open soon

Competition preparation lessons

To join the competition preparation lessons, students need to sit a 15 minute long test during one lunchtime from 2nd March and 8th March, except for 5th March. Those that pass the test will be given the first lesson question sheet. Students are expected to solve as many questions as possible so the teacher will teach only difficult questions. Lessons every Friday after school from 3:20 to 4:00 ish in R11. The first lesson will start on 9th March.

Mathex Training

To join the Mathex training, please make a team of 3-6 students who are enjoy Mathematics and see Miss Yang in R11 to organise weekly training. During training students will share their ideas and compare their answers. We will send 2 Year 9 and 2 Year 10 teams to represent MRGS at the annual Auckland Mathex Competition in August.

Plus lots of Education Perfect Competitions. Both School-wide and Worldwide.

EP Volvo Ocean Race Challenge Mar 8 – 18 and World Championships Maths, June 12-19

Please see Miss Yang in R11 for any inquiries. Broaden your knowledge and have fun in Maths! 

Volleyball Champions

The year has only just begun and we have our first champions. Congratulations to our Senior Girls Volleyball team who took out the Central Zone Division 1 competition beating EGGS in straight sets. They will be competing in the Auckland Championship and we wish them all the very best. 

Excellence Awards Evening

On Thursday March 8th at 7pm we will host our Excellence Awards evening in the school hall.
Students, and their families, who have received an overall excellence endorsement at level 1, 2 or 3 have received an e-mail and hard copy invitation. There is also a list of all
those who are receiving awards in the Dean’s centre for student reference.
The evening is a recognition of academic success, which is one of the fundamental bedrocks of a great school like MRGS. This year students attained the highest NCEA results at level 1, 2, and 3 in the school’s history and the evening promises to be a fantastic celebration of this achievement.

Scholarship Success at MRGS

Following on from the news earlier that this year saw the highest NCEA results at level 1, 2 and 3 in the school’s history, recently we received the exciting news that 63 students gained scholarships. These came from an impressive 16 different subject disciplines.

Eight students will be added to our honours board having achieved three or more scholarships. They are:


In addition, Tushar Thakar has been recognised as an outstanding New Zealand scholar. Congratulations to everyone on their achievements.

Junior Health Curriculum at MRGS

Health is a core subject for Year 9 and 10 students. Year 9 students study Health four times per week for one term, and Year 10 have 1 period per week for the whole year. The MRGS Health curriculum is approved by The Board of Trustees and we revise our programme regularly to ensure we are meeting our students and community needs. The topics studied by our students are derived from the Underlying Concepts and Key Learning Areas within the NZ Curriculum.

Underlying Concepts for Health:

 Hauora (Wellbeing), Attitudes & Values, The socio-ecological perspective (understanding the personal, interpersonal and societal aspects and impacts on any community) and Health Promotion.

The Key Learning Areas for Health in the NZ Curriculum:

Mental Health – resilience, goal setting, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, stereotyping, harassment, managing change

*Sexuality Education – pubertal changes, relationships, rights and responsibilities, attitudes and values, gender orientation

Food and Nutrition – general nutrition and sports nutrition 

Body Care and Physical Safety – alcohol, drugs, body image, nutrition, relationships, fitness, first aid

Physical Activity – fitness and nutrition (especially around cross country)

All units are considered and taught “holistically”, meaning they can be interrelated with other topics. Topics are not taught in isolation (i.e. only taught for unit then not mentioned again) This gives junior students ability to make connections, not just within the key concepts of health, but also within the context of New Zealand, the world, different cultures, religions, beliefs, attitudes & values. This curriculum structure gives our students better ability to analyse situations and health issues on a more critical thinking level.

*Sexuality Education is an essential aspect of Health Education in the New Zealand

Curriculum and the lessons taught are planned to ensure students are informed about necessary life skills in a safe and respectful environment. The school is legally required to inform parents and caregivers of the teaching of Sexuality Education. Letters regarding this will be going out to families of junior students later this term. Should you wish to withdraw your child from all or parts of these lessons, please follow the instructions in the letter. More information on the specific content of our Sexuality Education programme and our other learning areas within the MRGS Health programme can be found on the school website (here). An overview is also available to view at the school reception. 

Archery News

On Sunday the 11th of February, six students and one staff member of the Mount Roskill Grammar Archery club took part in a one day training programme at Cornwall Park, to become coaches for the club. The six members were, Daniel Balderrama Real, Rikkisha Raju, Davis Wu, Ali Tariq, Ann Maria Tomy and Gurnoor Mushiana. The training covered the health and safety requirements regarding Archery, along with shooting and coaching techniques. Coaches came away with confidence in how to facilitate beginning archers and manage a shooting range. Congratulations to all our members who qualified as coaches.
On Wednesday the 14th of February, our Mount Roskill Grammar Archery Club competed against a dozen other Auckland schools in their first ever Archery tournament at One Tree Hill. Our team consisted of four archers: Ann Maria Tomy, Rikkisha Raju, Daniel Balderrama Real, and Zane Chaudhry. Overall, the team put in great effort and performed exceptionally well for their first time. The experience of taking part in our first ever competition was nerve racking, seeing all the other schools that had already been competing for years. However, it was also an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for our team to take part in. The team have many other matches in the coming weeks ahead, and we look forward to competing further.

MRGS Book Club

Hey readers, we're starting a Book Club! Come along to the library every second Wednesday morning (starting 21st February) to scoff a muffin, chug a hot drink, and chat about your favourite books or current read. The library opens for Book Club at 8am. See you there!


We began the school year with a Powhiri for those new to MRGS. We extend a very warm welcome to all the students and families this year. In addition to new students we also have 11 outstanding new members of staff joining our community, they are: 
  • Mrs Tamati and Mr Syme in ESOL
  • Mr Chida in Mathematics
  • Mrs Prasad and Mrs Nelapati in Computing
  • Mr England in Technology
  • Ms MacIntyre, Mr Bluck and Mr Singh in English
  • Ms Wright in Art


Paul Seideman Competition

Anna Sue, a senior pupil of Mt Roskill Grammar School, presented her winning entry for the senior section of the 2017 Paul Seideman Competition at a Parliament reception held on January 26th, for the commemoration of United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Paul Seideman was a Czech teenager in 1941 when he first suffered the horrors of Auschwitz death camp, and later other concentration camps, during World War II. Now approaching 90, he lives quietly at Shona McFarlane Retirement Village in Lower Hutt. His experiences, and a desire to educate NZ youth, led Paul to endow a competition for year 10 (Junior Category) and year 11-13 students (Senior Category) at secondary schools that teach the Holocaust.

Anna was accompanied to Wellington for the prizegiving by her mother Mei Dang Fong. Her prize for winning the senior section – cash and a certificate – was presented by Hutt South MP Chris Bishop, who hosted the event and also spoke movingly about his visit, a few years ago, to a Holocaust-razed Polish village.

entry was a strong essay on the set theme, “How the Holocaust is significant to high schoolers” and the junior section winner, Sebastian Bartley of Cambridge High School, entered a documentary video he had created and produced.
Seb’s video was screened and Anna read her essay to the audience at the reception which included their parents, Holocaust survivors and descendants including Paul Seideman, members of the diplomatic corps, Members of Parliament, city and regional councillors, and human rights and interfaith leaders.

The annual competition is part of the Holocaust education programme run by the Wellington-based Holocaust Centre of New Zealand. The Centre is dedicated to educating New Zealand society, through Holocaust history and remembrance, that we need to oppose prejudice in all its forms, and guard against attempts to make any group a target of mass prejudice, as happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

The annual United Nations Holocaust remembrance commemoration is co-sponsored by the NZ National Commission for UNESCO, the UN’s educational organization, the Wellington City Council, and the Human Rights Commission. It included a memorial ceremony at the Makara Jewish cemetery.

This year’s commemoration was linked to the Human Rights Commission’s campaign: “Give nothing to racism.”

Story by David Zwartz

Start Up Information 2018

Welcome to the 2018 school year at MRGS – details of start-up dates for all students are detailed below.

Late enrolments

If you get your 2018 enrolment form into MRGS by Wednesday 24th January then the student can start on Thursday 1st February. Should the form come in later then the student will not be starting on Thursday 1st February and will have to start on a later date.

Returning Students – 2018 course changes only

Students must attend in uniform in the school hall

  • Year 13 – Wednesday 24th January 9.00am
  • Year 12 – Wednesday 24th January 11.00am
  • Year 11 – Wednesday 24th January 1.00pm

First School day:

Thursday 1st February 2018, Y9, Y13 and all other new students

  • Y9 and new students 9.40am on school main field  (for Powhiri and assemblies)
  • Y13 9.00am in school hall for Powhiri preparation

Friday 2nd February = All students

  • 9.00 am (all students to form classes)

School closed Anniversary Day – Monday 29th January

School closed Waitangi Day – Tuesday 6th February

– All new enrolments must be completed by Tuesday 23rd January for students wishing to start on 1st February.

Uniform and Stationery Shop – on Campus (access Frost Road Gate 4)

Opening hours:   

  • January 22nd - 25th 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • January 26th 8.00am to 12.00 midday
  • January 29th – CLOSED (Public Holiday)
  • January 30th - February 1st 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • February 2nd 8.00 to 12.00 midday
  • February 5th 8:00am to 2:00pm
  • February 6th – CLOSED (Public Holiday)
  • February 7th 8.00am to 9.00am
  • February 8th 8.00 to 9.00am and 3.00pm to 5.00pm.
  • February 9th - CLOSED

The shop will return to normal term time hours:

  • Mondays & Thursdays – 8.00 to 9.00am and 3.00 to 4.00pm

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