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Pastoral Care, Guidance and Discipline

Pastoral care, guidance and discipline are important parts of our school organisation. The School operates Houses and Vertical Forms and provides strong support for students through Form Teachers, House Deans, Guidance Counsellors and the numerous programmes, events and strategies put in place.

Pastoral care

The new Pastoral Care centre has been open since the start of 2010 and students attend the centre if they have any enquiries or concerns. The reason for this change is to give another level of support to students as they progress through the school and allows deans to focus on class groups as well as individuals. Once placed in a house group students will stay in that house for the remainder of their time at Mt Roskill Grammar School. 

Each house has a Dean and an Associate Dean to oversee the wellbeing of students. Deans and colours for the new houses are:


Junior students are placed into a core class after testing.  Each core class belongs to a house and excepting particular circumstances, will remain in this house while at MRGS

The house and form class of each student is identified by a four letter code. eg RBDK- R= Red House, BDK = form teacher code.

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