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2014 Student Leadership

It was with great pleasure at the start of the term that Mr Watson announced the appointment of our Head Prefects for 2014. Hayden Couper has taken the post of Head Boy and Mildred Wong is Head Girl. Deputy Head Girl is Hanna Davidson and Deputy Head Boy is Praveen Krishna. These four able young people have earned the respect of staff and students throughout their years at Roskill and will ably lead the Prefects of 2014 in addition to representing the values of the school. On behalf of our community we wish to thank them for accepting these important roles and wish them the very best for the year.

Our Head Prefects lead a 40 strong team of committed students who have already developed a strong working relationship at their Camp in December. They will take a leading role in the student community, assisting with school events, their own major fund raising project and generally embodying in their practice our vision for active responsible citizens.

Prefects 2014

Year 13 Prefect Camp Training

After a sleepless night up at Leigh we're now "trained" prefects. Our first challenge was to walk the last half hour of the journey to our campsite in the pouring rain because basically the vans would not have made it up the hill with us plus the luggage and because the teachers told us to and we didn't even question it. The downpour was ubiquitous and unrelenting through our two days at camp, driving us to work together to put unco-operative tents up and keeping everyone indoors cooking meals, planning for the Prefect Project (MRGS Book Fair) and just hanging out and bonding in our spare time. Although we were cold and damp the whole time, we got to know each other better, so thanks to Mr. Gipps, Mrs. Singh, Ms. Leigh and Mr. Gregory for putting up with us. Here's to a great year.

Our Goals

In accordance with our school motto: ‘Sursum’, our aims and goals as prefects are to ultimately help carry Mount Roskill Grammar ‘to the heights’ and beyond. It is a role that each of us take on with enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement as we are presented with the opportunity to be the leaders and guides for our fellow students. This year building relationships within all the year levels is of the highest importance to us and we hope that through our commitment, involvement and dedication to a range of activities within the school and wider community, Roskill will be able to grow even closer together as a family.

As MRGS prefects we hope to lead by influence and will therefore try our best to set the bar as role models and strive to be an example for our fellow students to draw inspiration from. Through passion, perseverance and pride, we hope to achieve our own personal goals as well as our much larger goals such as the Book Fair prefect project to raise funds for our school water based turf. As students ourselves we will also aim to maintain academic excellence as that is a priority for all students of MRGS. 

Every student is important at MRGS and as prefects we hope to be representatives of the student body. Communication and involvement is the key and through this, we hope to cultivate our fiery Roskill spirit and, as seen on our flag this year, carry the flame onward, and upward to the heights! We have nothing but thanks for all the support from our teachers, students and community. We anticipate a brilliant year at Roskill and wish everyone all the best for 2014. It’s going to be a great one!

The 2014 Prefect Project

The 2014 project is to organise the inaugural MRGS Book Fair, where proceeds will go to the re-development of the Hockey Turf to a new modern water-based turf.  As opposed to previous years, the entire prefect body will be involved in the one project and will be working as subgroups to achieve our common goal. We would love for all students to be involved and contribute to upcoming fundraisers, book collections and the Book Fair itself. Feel free to start stockpiling old books you no longer use and would like to donate to the Fair.


Term 2, 2014, Prefect News

Term 2 has been a busy and exciting time for the prefects. We started the Term off with Anzac Day celebrations at the Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall where several of the schools, clubs and organisations from the community gathered to show our respects to New Zealand war veterans. A lot of the public turned out to watch the official march down Somerset Rd and as we finished singing the hymns it was lovely to see the sun come out to shine as the Reverend gave his sermon. We felt privileged to be a part of the day and to meet Mt Roskill veterans as well as the Honourable Mt Roskill MP Phil Goff.

Our 2014 Prefect group were excited to be asked to join the Sursum Foundation in a fundraiser this year to help raise money for the new water-based hockey turf. We have decided to combine our original project of a book fair with the family fun day where we will be providing an assortment of food stalls, music and entertainment in conjunction with a helicopter that will drop 10 prizes onto the school rugby field. It is a great experience to be involved in such an awesome project and we are learning a lot about event management and fundraising as we go. Ticket sales are going well and we are looking forward to the big day, which we hope you can all make.

Lastly, while juggling our academic studies, prefect project and other commitments some of us were eager to 'kick back' and relax at a dinner out hosted by Mr Cornes at the Wooden Kitchen Board restaurant in town. The restaurant is run by two past Mt Roskill Grammar students and it was fun to be seated at a massive table with all of around eating and enjoying ourselves and most of all having some down time.

Let the Games Begin

Friday the 8th of August was a sunny day with a light breeze. The perfect weather to host the first ever Lynfield-Roskill prefect sports exchange. It was a fantastic opportunity to create new friendships with our rival school as we played soccer, touch and netball in mixed school teams as it gave everyone a chance to have a fun afternoon together. The final and highly aniticipated dodgeball duel between Roskill and Lynfield was of course won by the home defenders (dodgeball runs in the blood) but was equally celebrated as both sides undoubtedly had a great time. The exchange was pleasantly concluded with a Roskill style feast of pizzas, sausage rolls and raro and completed with a Roskill-Lynfield group photo full of smiles and a sense of an even stronger foundation for the healthy rivalry between our two schools. Without a doubt Lynfield will be hungry for a rematch but we’ll definitely be the defending champions in next years’ Roskill-Lynfield prefect exchange.

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