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MRGS Student Council

The Student Council consists of representatives of the student body, head prefects, students from the 5 houses and the student representative on the Board of Trustees.

The council holds meetings every Tuesday lunchtime, with the aim of discussing issues regarding student welfare and campus projects. Most issues are suggested by school students through various methods. Committee members then try to come up with appropriate solutions to the issues raised and look to act, whether it is by approaching the relevant school leaders, or in some cases, outside agencies for assistance and approval.

The council is also involved in fundraising and supporting a number of worthy causes. For example the Student Council has been involved in organising Mufti Days and the annual support of the Daffodil Day appeal, along with many projects.

This group of students aims to make Mount Roskill Grammar more accessible for students and a time in students’ lives that is enjoyable, friendly and stimulating.

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