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April 2019

MRGS Newsletter Term 1 Week 11.pdf

MRGS Newsletter Term 1 Week 11.pdf 150 150 admin

MRGS Newsletter Term 1 Week 11

Update post publication:

1st XI Boys’ Football through to Premier Grade!
(Mr Chellew/Mr Kerrins)

Basketball Boys through to Senior A Grade!
(Mr Windsor)

MRGS Newsletter Term 1 Week 11.pdf
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Special Olympics

Special Olympics 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Congratulations to our Maclean Centre students for their participation, effort and levels of excellence achieved at the Special Olympics last month. We were proud you represented MRGS.

Representative Sport

Representative Sport 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Dominic Elliott recently competed in the NZ Men’s National Baseball tournament with his team Central City Mariners, winning a silver medal. Dominic plays centre field and catcher.

Sailing in the Wake of Sir Peter Blake

Sailing in the Wake of Sir Peter Blake 150 150 Simon Whitlock

A key event in Term 1 for 11PE was the opportunity for 23 our students to sail the famous Steinlager 2, the boat that the late Sir Peter Blake used to win the round the world race in 1990. The students sailed and swam for two full days, spending one night sleeping below deck in the same bunks as the ship’s former sailors. The students learnt the importance of safety around the water, as well as the complexities of using the elements to sail the ship through the Waitemata Harbour and abroad.

Mr Kerrins

Sheppard House Relay for Life

Sheppard House Relay for Life 150 150 Simon Whitlock

We had students take part in Relay for Life  during the weekend to help raise money for The Cancer Society. After raising $7,500 last year, we really wanted to hit the $10,000 mark this year. To date we have raised over $11,000 with donations still coming in and still welcome which is an awesome effort from our students. We also had Jenice Kuzhikombil, one of our prefects, shave her head as a result of raising over $1000 personally.

Please, if you have any students in your class today, congratulate them on taking part in and if you are feeling generous, please click on the link below to donate.

Thanks for all your support.

everydayhero: Relay for Life Auckland 2019

everydayhero: Relay for Life Auckland 2019 150 150 admin

The Relay for Life for the Cancer Society is something dear to the heart of Sheppard House, with a value of courage – for us it is about the people we all know who have or had cancer.

As a team our students must work together to keep our team baton moving around the local Lovelock Track in Mount Roskill! for 18 hours. Students also set their own personal goals. If you’d like to support, you can choose who you would like to donate to through the everydayhero website and/or come to the track and support! Thank you in advance for any donations!

The Cancer Society provides free support services and information for people going through cancer treatment. We also fund important scientific cancer research and implement health promotion initiatives to reduce cancer for future generations. We receive no direct government funding and rely on the g…
everydayhero: Relay for Life Auckland 2019
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Japanese Restaurant Trip

Japanese Restaurant Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Wednesday 20th of March, 12 senior students studying Japanese had the opportunity to go to a traditional Japanese restaurant called Nishiki located in Freemans Bay. The students had a set full course meal which included many traditional Japanese foods such as sushi, tempura, dumplings, tofu, miso soup and other delicious Japanese food. It was amusing to see some students struggle to eat with their chopsticks (mostly myself), however everyone finished their meals in the end, although some significantly faster than others. The meal was finished off with generously sized scoop of ice-cream, of which two of the popular flavours of ice-cream (green tea and sesame) were traditional Japanese flavours. A big thank you to all the teachers in the language department who helped organize as well as attend the event.

Joel Hawthorne ( NBRT)

School closed due to Covid-19 lockdown updates

    School closed due to Covid-19 lockdown - Please find all information here: Covid-19 updates