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Year 9 Japanese Sushi Making

Year 9 Japanese Sushi Making 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Monday 6th August for the first time, we invited the parents of Year 9 students of Japanese to a sushi making class. One mother was able to join the Y9 Sushi session with the students and this was much appreciated.
The rice and cut ingredients were already prepared. Each student made one roll of sushi with seaweed (Nori) and cut it into 7 to 8 pieces. They were all proud of the sushi they had made for themselves. Even though it was after lunchtime, they ate all of their tasty sushi.
Some students helped afterwards to wash the plates, bowls and sushi mats.
I really appreciated the parent help and look forward to doing this again with other classes and again inviting the parents.
Yukiko Kojima (Japanese Teacher)

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