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Japanese Restaurant Trip

Japanese Restaurant Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Wednesday the 14th of April, the senior students who are taking Japanese had a chance to go to a Japanese Restaurant named Nishiki in Freemans Bay. The students who took part in this restaurant trip had an amazing opportunity to try authentic Japanese foods and bond with other students who they may have not met before as they are in different year levels. While waiting for the food, some students had fun guessing the Japanese songs playing over the speaker. When the food arrived, the kinds of food served were things like Sushi, Miso soup, Oysters, Tempura, Tofu, Beef and so on. There were multiple students who could not finish their dinner and gave food to other students who finished the rest of their food. For dessert, students could choose the flavour of the ice cream; Green Tea, Sesame, Red Beans, Vanilla or Chocolate. The Sesame flavour was the most popular. We all enjoyed eating at Nishiki as it was most definitely a night to remember.

Special thanks to Miss Kojima for organising this event, and thanks to Mr McAlpine for driving a school van.

Racey Ferris

Flint Street Nativity

Flint Street Nativity 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Come watch this awesome year 13 production.
The show is about 6 year olds performing a class show of the nativity (the birth of Jesus) and it all goes hilariously wrong.
Follow on Instagram – @mrgs_performing_arts
Tickets are $10 from accounts or at

Auckland Writers Festival

Auckland Writers Festival 150 150 Simon Whitlock

The English department will be taking 100 students to the Auckland Writers Festival on Wednesday, May 12th. There will be a livestream from Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give and Concrete Rose, and talks from Karlo Mila, Chloe Gong and Dan Salmon. Twenty lucky students will also have the opportunity to participate in writing workshops run by Bernard Beckett, Catherine Chidgey, Dominic Hoey and Lil O’Brien. The event will be held in the Aotea Centre. Tickets are $16. Workshops are an additional $15. Please see your English teacher for details.

MRGS impresses in the 2021 Education Perfect Languages Championships

MRGS impresses in the 2021 Education Perfect Languages Championships 150 150 Simon Whitlock

In Term 1, Mount Roskill Grammar School competed in the 2021 Education Perfect Languages Championships. This is part of the Education Perfect World Series.

There were over 3,000 schools worldwide who competed and MRGS came 5th in NZ and in the top 50 schools worldwide. This represented many hours learning languages and revising material in a fun way.

There were a large number of impressive results with:

  • over 60 MRGS pupils gaining awards
  • and more than 350,000 questions answered by MRGS Languages pupils

The very top students in this competition gained an ELITE Award & Badge because they gained over 10,000 points. They were in the top 0.2% of all competitors. Liahona Lauano (1st in MRGS), Robbielyle Lauano, Christopher Mara and Riley Mara deserve a special mention for their dedication to gaining outstanding results worldwide. There were also 3 pupils who gained an EMERALD Certificate for over 5,000 points, and 9 pupils gained a GOLD Certificate with over 3,000 points.

The 4 pupils who gained an Elite Award & Badge (10,000+ points) are: Liahona Lauano, Robbielyle Lauano, Christopher Mara and Riley Mara

The 3 pupils who gained an Emerald Award (5,000+ points) are: Frances Damu, Baraa Zara and Vashi Dhillon.

The 9 pupils who gained a GOLD Award (3,000+ points) are: Maaiasepi Samuelu, Eldana Habtom, Natalie Hu, Banujah Balagiritharan, Even Habtom, Shinichi Shun Yat Choy, Catherine Zhao, Zuha Zia, Lama Mansour.

MRGS also gained:

  • SILVER Award (2,000+ points) = 3 students
  • BRONZE Award (1,000+ points) = 19 students
  • CREDIT Award (500+ points) = 22 students

Student Feedback form MRGS Languages pupils on 2021 Language Perfect:

 “Very addicting”

“Thank you!! I am learning so much, as well as the fact that it is fun and easy to learn and get a hang of”

“Thank you this was very helpful”

“This Language competition was the best. I liked it. This was awesome I learn some languages and also had fun. This was the best thing in my life. We will have more time so we could compete more”

“This is so fun and helpful”

“EP is great and it helps learning so much. It is a great online platform to learn”

“Very fun. Got to know stuff that I didn’t really know”

“This is good revision”

“It was amazing and intuitive”

Peer Mediation Training

Peer Mediation Training 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Students helping students

A big thank you to the 91 new Mediators who were trained by the Peace Foundation (22nd-24th March) learning the important skills of how to resolve everyday conflict in a constructive way. These life skills of open communication, relationship building and ‘listening to understand’ are part of the MRGS culture and values of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga … respect,  kindness, understanding diversity  and aroha for everyone.

A further 64 Advanced Mediators were trained by the Peace Foundation and the LEADR Lawyer /Mediators on advanced mediation skills. The facilitators were blown away by our incredible Mediators and the positive, warm school culture supported by the mediation ‘social justice movement’.

60 Advanced Mediators have also attended further advanced mediation training over the last few weeks from SHINE on the effects of violence and how to be an active bystander;  and YOUTHLAW; knowing your rights and responsibilities. Further training is coming up from our PSSP team on embracing sexual and gender diversity; and Race Relations from Julie Watson.

To be the best Mediator you can be, it is important to be as self-aware as possible about your own beliefs and prejudices, so that you can provide the best support to others.

Our Peer Mediation Service is about students helping students. Mediators are ‘Ambassadors of Social Justice’, standing up against harassment, bullying, inequality and exclusion, and supporting students to get the help they need. They provide confidential help to their peers informally in the school environment, or formally in the mediation room at Student Services.

If you are experiencing conflict or being harassed, and would rather speak with an older student, please contact us at Student Services. Confidentiality assured.

“I really enjoyed the full day of advanced mediation training where I was able to hone in on my mediation skills that I will not only be able to use now but later on in life. The LtPM team and volunteers were so inspiring and encouraging to be advocates of peaceful resolutions of conflict between parties which is so extremely valuable and I will remember for the future”

” I hope to take away these skills, to not only use in school but in my personal life now and in the future. I think having better mediating skills can help issues in non – mediated times as well, so I hope to resolve any small or large issues with such skills in my time at school.”

“It will help me read the body language and feelings of others, so I may have an increased situational awareness, and become a better person overall, therefore becoming a good role model to others, convincing them to become better people.”

“Today’s experience will come to use when I get to peer mediate and not only that, but it could also help me when my friends or my parents are disputing and I could use these key skills to help them resolve their problem”.


  • Advanced Mediation Training with PSSP on embracing our Rainbow community: Tuesday 30th March.
  • Race Relations Training with Julie Watson Tuesday 4th May.
  • Peer Mentorship Training for 40 Mediators: Sunday 13th & Monday 14th June.
  • International Peace Week: August 2nd– 6th.
  • Peace Symposium with the Peace Foundation, and other schools for 30 Mediators: Friday 13th August.

Te aroha me te rangimarie

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Relay for Life – Our Team

Relay for Life – Our Team 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Kia ora e te Whānau,

It is that time of year where some of our students give up their weekend to support an important cause. Relay for Life is an event run by the Cancer Society – Every step we take around the track symbolises our unstoppable fight to create a future with less cancer. Cancer impacts so many of us in New Zealand, affecting 1 in 3 people. Every donation (big or small) our team receives means Cancer Society can continue to help by funding cancer research, prevention and support services for people with cancer and their whānau when they need it most. This is also a very real and relevant cause in our community at the moment.

To support just follow this link:

You can either sponsor one of the amazing students that you can see below or you can sponsor our team if you can’t decide on one individual – the team is called MRGS Sheppard House (note: the students participating are from a variety of houses it is just Sheppard’s chosen Charity).

 We appreciate any support you can give.

Also if you would like to come and see what is happening Relay for Life is taking place this weekend 27th and 28th March at Lovelock Track. Timings are as follows 27th at 4pm -set up, 6pm is opening ceremony, it goes all through the night however guest can only stay until 10pm. Then on 28th at 8am is the closing ceremony.

 Ngā mihi,

Sheppard House Deans

Catch-up Homework Centre

Catch-up Homework Centre 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Japanese Taiko Drumming Experience

Japanese Taiko Drumming Experience 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On the 15th of March, one of the Y9 Japanese classes, one of the Y9 Music classes and some students from the Y10 Japanese class had finally received the amazing opportunity to watch and listen to a Taiko (Japanese Drum) performance in the Hall. Miss Kojima applied for funding from the “Asia New Zealand Foundation” last year. We received the grant last year but because of the Co-vid situation we could not invite the Haere Mai Taiko group until this year.  The performances included two traditional drum pieces and one special piece called “え-じゃないか” (e- janaika) which means “Anything Goes”.  Our students were asked to chant along with the drum piece.  24 lucky students were then able to go up on stage with the drummers and learn a simple Japanese drum routine. At the end of the session, students thanked the amazing performers, and left the Hall with a memory they won’t soon forget.

Report by Ansh Trivedi

Letter from Principal re: Covid-19, 17th Feb

Letter from Principal re: Covid-19, 17th Feb 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Letter from Principal re: Covid-19, 15th Feb

Letter from Principal re: Covid-19, 15th Feb 150 150 Simon Whitlock