Term 1, Week 11

Term 1, Week 11 150 150 admin
  • Monday 12 April – Group A assembly
    (Cooper, Hillary, first 1/2 Rutherford)
  • Tuesday 13 April
    Pukekohe Sports Exchange at MRGS
    Junior Report Night (4-7pm)
  • Thursday 15 April – Group B assembly
    (Ngata, Sheppard, second 1/2 Rutherford)
  • Friday 16 April – Last day of Term 1
    Mana Taiohi represent MRGS at Polyfest!
  • Sunday 25 April ANZAC Day
  • Term 2 starts – Monday 3rd May

Term 1, Week 11

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Junior Waterpolo – Saturday 10 April

Junior Waterpolo – Saturday 10 April 150 150 admin

Two teams playing in a tournament at Kings – in the outdoor pool! Kia kaha 🤽☔️

Junior Waterpolo

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Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School's post

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School's post 150 150 admin

MRGS Kapa Haka Dress Rehearsal

Mana Taiohi standing in the shoulders of whanau, staff and students past and present. A privilege to see these leaders of now and the future. Go with our aroha next Friday to represent Roskill at ASB Polyfest

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School’s post
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Annual mahurangi Sports Exchange

Annual mahurangi Sports Exchange 150 150 admin

We kicked off our sports exchange with a long bus drive to Mahurangi College and once we arrived, we were ready for the day ahead.

The weather provided beautiful ☀️☀️ for all our outdoor sports and although many of our teams were rusty, we managed to regain possession of the Annual Sports Exchange Trophy 🎉 🎉

A big thank you to all the staff, supporters and students for all the hard work you have put into making this exchange possible. We thank Mahurangi college for your exceptional hospitality in making sure both our students and staff were well looked after. We look forward to next year and as we all know- the comeback is always stronger than the setback 🏆


  • Rugby 1ST XV Boys- WIN
  • Hockey 1ST XI Boys- WIN
  • Hockey 1ST XI Girls- WIN
  • Football 1ST XI Boys- WIN
  • Football 1ST XI Girls- WIN
  • Volleyball Senior A Girls- WIN
  • Basketball Senior A Boys- WIN
  • Basketball Senior A Girls- WIN
  • Cricket Colts- WIN
  • Netball Premier Team- LOSS
  • Volleyball Senior A Boys- LOSS

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School’s post
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Term 1, Week 10

Term 1, Week 10 150 150 admin
  • School starts today 9.20am.
  • We look forward to seeing you all back after the Easter break 🙂
  • 8 school days left this term!
  • Mahurangi exchange Thursday
  • 1st XI boys’ cricket in the final Friday. Winners go to Premier! Go well boys

Week 10

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Good Friday

Good Friday 150 150 admin

Good Friday

An important day for our Christian community as they commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death on the cross of Jesus Christ.

Good Friday

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Daylight saving ends this weekend

Daylight saving ends this weekend 150 150 admin

Public Service Announcement

Daylight saving ends when clocks go back by 1 hour at 3am on 4 April 2021. The clocks go BACK one hour. A way to remember is that in September clocks “spring” forward. This weekend they “fall” back (fall is another name for autumn).

As you turn the clocks back remember that you can’t turn back time in other ways – check your smoke alarms!

Public Service Announcement

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Sheppard House Fundraising Success

Sheppard House Fundraising Success 150 150 admin

A huge congratulations to MRGS Sheppard House for raising over $8000 to support the work of the Cancer Society.

Well done to all students, staff, and helpers. We are very proud of you for leading by example and raising awareness and funds towards this great cause. A special mention to the deans for all your hard work behind the scenes in making this happen.

We are already excited about this event next year.

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School’s post
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Newsletter Term 1, Week 9

Newsletter Term 1, Week 9 150 150 admin

Newsletter Term 1 Week 9.pdf
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Waterpolo Championships

Waterpolo Championships 150 150 admin

In the third week of March our Senior Waterpolo team competed in the NISS Senior Waterpolo Championships in Tauranga.

Although the competition was very strong, the team were delighted with their defensive play, keeping the opposition scoring under 10 goals.

A huge thank you to the coaches and managers for all your work with the team and the hours of time you have given up for them.

We have five Year 13’s who will not be with us next year but we look forward to the new number of juniors that are playing. Exciting to see our Senior Waterpolo team in action for years to come! 🤽🏼‍♀️🤽🏼‍♂️

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School’s post
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