Chinese Culture Trip

Chinese Culture Trip

Chinese Culture Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

The Year 10 Chinese trip to the temple Fo Guang Shan and restaurant 928 HKD Seafood Restaurant this term was a motivating and inspirational experience. When we arrived at Fo Guang Shan the scenery was just magnificent, it had been filled with ancient history everywhere.

During our time at the temple, we had learnt about various things that were connected back to Chinese culture like Buddhism and its own representation of life. Chinese Calligraphy was taught by Master Hsing Yun with his “one-stroke calligraphy” and hearing how he never stopped practising his calligraphy after having eye surgery, it was truly inspiring and purely from the mind to heart. Learning about the Dharma words of wisdom, it was really mind-opening and captivating to watch and learn about the Buddha. Everyone had also made their wish upon the wishing wall about life and laid a candle under a tree with a wish that they would like to give out to others.

The meditation that we then did was to relax our minds with good thoughts and to find our good place in the mind. Following this Tai Chi was taught by one of the disciples of the temple in the courtyard, with us standing in our own squares lined with grass parallel to each other in one of the most beautiful parts in the temple.

The restaurant that we went to afterwards was so amazing, there was so much delicious food that everyone at the table couldn’t even finish. The food had started off with one dish but then started to mount up later on with Sesame balls, Shumai, Spring rolls, Prawn dumplings, Pineapple fried rice, Chow mein, Egg tarts, Pork buns, Rice noodles, pork ribs and a whole lot more accompanied by some hot tea.  Everyone had a good time at the restaurant.

Overall it was such an inspiring, motivational, captivating, eye-opening awesome trip and I hope there will be another next year. Thank you to Ms Wang for organising this amazing experience!

Celia Chanwong