Dowdle Library 30th Birthday

Dowdle Library 30th Birthday

Dowdle Library 30th Birthday 150 150 Simon Whitlock

MRGS had a blast celebrating the library’s 30th Birthday in May. With musical performances, quiz and competitions. We also had the previous 30 years of SURSUM magazine on display which proved very popular with students looking up older siblings and even parents!

The winners of the Young Adult Literature Quiz were Saad Riazuddin and Dev Ratra.  Runners up were Sui Kosi, Liahona Lauano, Manu-Pule Uaisele, and Fina Malolo.

The winners of the competition to guess ‘how many books the library has” were Rohaan Rehman and Jassen Scanlan who both guessed 14,000 (answer 13,789). The runners up were Joshlyn Iyekekpolo, Amon Jeganathan, Eli Subramoney, and Dennon Fernando.

Congratulations to all that participated!!

And HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO Dowdle Library!

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