Fia Fia Night

Fia Fia Night

Fia Fia Night 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Wednesday night (15th May) MRGS hosted the Roskill Campus Fiafia night. It was an honour to have our Primary and Intermediate students and our passionate and supportive collective fanau join us in our school hall. Our Niuean, Tongan and Samoan Pasifika Polyfest groups each took to the stage alongside the Primary and Intermediate Pasifika groups to proudly showcase their cultures.
Each of these groups performed with intensity, passion, and depths of Roskill pride. Each of the students who took their place on the stage are a strong example of our students achieving proudly, and having their mana uplifted through support and celebration of our diversity.

Start-Up Info for 2021

Wednesday 3rd February

  • 9.40am new students to field
  • 9am all Year 13s & peer mentors to hall

Thursday 4th February

  • ALL students start school! (form time first)