Filming ‘Peer Mediation Video’ at Roskill

Filming ‘Peer Mediation Video’ at Roskill

Filming ‘Peer Mediation Video’ at Roskill 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Tuesday 10th May, 14 AMAZING advanced Peer Mediators were involved in creating the new Peace Foundation’s Peer Mediation training video. This video will be used to train all the new Mediators throughout Aotearoa and many other countries in the world.

The last Peace Foundations mediation training video was made at MRGS back in 2008.

The Mediators worked hard, creating three relevant scenarios that many young people face. They demonstrated the mediation process with heart and precision, resulting in a positive outcome for all parties.

A big thank you to the dedication, unwavering commitment and creative collaboration of our Mediators!

Katherine Alajas, Caroline Aleki,  Ansh Angurala,  Joshlyn  Iyekekpolo, Pranav Kumar, Sylvia McDougall, Zannat Miah, Aamina Mohamed Azhar, Aydin Mustahib, Hamzah Naeem, Lucy Palu, Amonica Pau’u, Rishi Shanthosh, and Karen Wang.

Also a big thank you to the Peace Foundation for this great opportunity and to the CORE filmers.

Two things to mention:

  1. If anyone is in conflict at school and needs some support in resolving this, please come and refer yourself to the Peer Mediation Service at STUDENT SERVICES. Confidentiality assured.
  2. If you are in Year 11 or 12 and would like to train as a Mediator, there are still some spaces for the upcoming June Peer Mediation training. Please contact Donna or Jan at Student Services.

Te rangimarie me te aroha.