French Experience

French Experience

French Experience 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Year 9 Petit Déjeuner Français & Year 10 French Café experience

In Term 2 the Year 9 French classes experienced a French breakfast in class – “le petit déjeuner”. They were able to order “un croissant” and “un chocolat chaud”. Some students even had two or three hot chocolates. It was a fun and different way way to start the day. Our teachers served us the food and hot drink and we listened to French music which provided a very good ambiance. We also had a quiz on French general knowledge and trivia. There were prizes for the top teams.

For the French Café experience, Year 10 French classes were lucky to have a variety of pastries which also included “un pain au chocolat”. They were “très bon”! Afterwards, the students worked together in groups to try to score the highest marks in a French general-knowledge quiz created by Miss Robertson. The students all enjoyed themselves, and enjoyed the French café. Merci beaucoup !!

Senior French Dinner

On July 4th, Senior French students went to the restaurant “Garde Manger.” Many people tried new French foods. Year 11s and 12s ordered from a menu that had snails, onion soup, goat’s cheese salad, “coq au vin”, “boeuf bourguignon”, “crème brûlée” and “mousse au chocolat”. Some students tried some snails! They were VERY good (trust me). Year 13s ordered pancakes (Galettes and Crêpes) from the menu. One of the “crêpes” was literally set on fire before it was served!

Some students tried playing the piano there, even though it was out of tune.

At the end, there was a prize draw where students could win bags, pens, fountain pens, folders, fridge magnets, pencil cases, even a CD! It was an extremely fun evening. A big thank you to the teachers who took us there (Whaea Lee, Madame Robertson & Monsieur McAlpine) and organised the event – MERCI !!

Raphael Mara