Japanese Restaurant Trip

Japanese Restaurant Trip

Japanese Restaurant Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Wednesday the 14th of April, the senior students who are taking Japanese had a chance to go to a Japanese Restaurant named Nishiki in Freemans Bay. The students who took part in this restaurant trip had an amazing opportunity to try authentic Japanese foods and bond with other students who they may have not met before as they are in different year levels. While waiting for the food, some students had fun guessing the Japanese songs playing over the speaker. When the food arrived, the kinds of food served were things like Sushi, Miso soup, Oysters, Tempura, Tofu, Beef and so on. There were multiple students who could not finish their dinner and gave food to other students who finished the rest of their food. For dessert, students could choose the flavour of the ice cream; Green Tea, Sesame, Red Beans, Vanilla or Chocolate. The Sesame flavour was the most popular. We all enjoyed eating at Nishiki as it was most definitely a night to remember.

Special thanks to Miss Kojima for organising this event, and thanks to Mr McAlpine for driving a school van.

Racey Ferris

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