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Message from the Ministry of Education

While we are seeing mass school shutdowns elsewhere in the world, in New Zealand we don’t yet have community transmission of COVID-19 – so there isn’t currently a public health reason to do so here.

Pre-emptive school closures may have unintended consequences – for example, children may need to be cared for by vulnerable grandparents, or they may be put in other social settings that could make things worse.

Medical Officers of Health have the authority to close a school. They will only do so if there is a medical reason for this or after a confirmed case in the school. In that instance, they will need to close it for a short period of time while they determine if there is any risk to others.

We are, however, planning for temporary closures. Our decisions are based on evidence and very robust health advice – the World Health Organisation has confirmed that the risk to children remains low and parents should continue to send their kids to schools and early learning centres.

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