MRGS Open Day

MRGS Open Day

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MRGS Open Day:
We look forward to sharing the opportunities we offer for our students to excel

At Mt Roskill Grammar School, the vision for our students is for them to become successful and powerful learners, equipped with the attitudes, qualities and qualifications to excel. The quality of the relationships within our school and wider community are pivotal to our success. Our commitment is to each student’s wellbeing and success, enabling students to become positive, effective citizens who have the capacity to lead.

Excellence in learning is our top priority. Our teachers are experts in their subject and skilled facilitators. This year our students were the top scholars in New Zealand in Dance and in Accounting. Over the last five years students have received an average of over 50 scholarship awards, significantly exceeding national averages. They also excel in NCEA, well in advance of national averages. Our academies for 2021 include Basketball, Hockey, Football, Rugby & Performing Arts. We have two advanced learning classes in both year 9 and year 10 with the rest of the classes being mixed ability. Some students in year 10 may be accelerated into NCEA Level 1 Maths and Science, selected from across a range of year 9 classes at the end of year 9.

The motto of our school is ‘Sursum’, which echoes the phoenix in our logo and translates as “to the heights”. When students leave Mt Roskill Grammar School they do so with the personal qualities and capabilities that enable them to continue to be successful learners for the rest of their life and the qualifications and attitude to take them to their own heights.

All families, including those who are In Zone, need to apply please. Out of Zone applications must be in by 4pm 2 September. We would love for the In Zone applications to be submitted by October if possible for class placement planning.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact

We look forward to welcoming you!

MRGS Open Day:
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