Park and Walk Promotion

Park and Walk Promotion

Park and Walk Promotion 150 150 Simon Whitlock
  • Project: Mt Roskill Safer Communities
  • Date: Thursday 5 November
  • Location: Keith Hay Car Park – Rainford Street (100 car spaces)
  • Promotion time: 2.30-3.30pm
  • Distance: 9-10 minute walk to Mt Roskill schools compound via bridge

Swing By Coffee Cart will be onsite to provide a free hot drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) to all parents/care-givers who park in this zone on the day. Please note, that the promotion is for ADULTS only.

Covid-19 Update

Covid Alert Level 3 from 6:00am Sunday, 28th February, 2021:

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Letter from the Principal 28th February