Peace Symposium & Peace Week

Peace Symposium & Peace Week

Peace Symposium & Peace Week 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Wednesday 26th June, 28 MRGS Mediators attended the 15th Secondary Schools Peace Symposium organised by the Peace Foundation. This gathering of inspiring speakers, 13 schools and the Peace Foundation met at AUT to talk about the important issue of ‘Peace & Technology’. Professor Ajit Narayanan of AUT spoke about: “Teaching intelligent autonomous machines to be ethical for the purpose of peace and non- harm to humans”.

A big thank you to our Mediators who did us proud once again at the Symposium: William Aleki, Afzeer Ali, Uday Bhatia, Destene Campbell Davis, Michelle Chand, Ano Chitando, Li’i Cowley- Lupo, Ajit Franklin, Skye Gaslevich, Ayesha Hafeez, Joel Hawthorne, Huthaifa Ibrahim, Michelle Ibram, Joel Ioelu-Siemu, Aaliyah Ishrar, Brian Khomkomphut, Pranayam Lal , Helen Lee, Mackenzie Mariano, Sedona Milich, Matthew Mitra, Vayeshali Nandini, Mateyiachs Ngavaine, Mohamed Ihsanullah PA, Fahad Shehzad, Rishi Shukla, Diane Tuakalau, and Carlton Varela.

A big thank you to the Peace Foundation for giving our students such an amazing opportunity and to Donna Hourigan-Johnston for her leadership.


August 5th- 9th August: “PEACE & TECHNOLOGY” Inviting everyone at MRGS to be involved in this very important week at MRGS.