Peer Life Mentorship Training

Peer Life Mentorship Training

Peer Life Mentorship Training 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Sunday 13th June and Monday 14th June, 36 enthusiastic and dedicated Mediators were trained by Julie McCracken in peer mentorship skills.

For us to be able to support others we need to be able to understand ourselves better. This informative, engaging, fun, interactive course supported students to become more self aware, develop better people skills and to understand the psychology of human behaviour.

Students reported:

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH Donna for the awesome training yesterday and today. It was an amazing opportunity and by far my most favourite of all! Definitely do not regret doing it Please send my regards to Julie as well. I really appreciate her effort and service, and will definitely try my best to incorporate the skills learnt today, to our everyday lives. In all honesty, my friends and I really look forward to doing this next year as well!! Thank you
  • Thank you for this incredible opportunity!!
  • It was amazing, really valuable :))
  • Had so much fun!

A great time was had by all students and now these Peer Mentors are available to support younger students one-to-one.

If any student would like some support or mentoring from an older student please contact us at Student Services. Confidentiality assured.

A big thank you to Julie McCracken for the wonderful training and to Louise Fisher and Peter Maher for their generous donation in covering the costs of the training for the last 13 years!

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