Peer Mediation Training

Peer Mediation Training

Peer Mediation Training 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Against the odds of Covid and school building projects, we still managed to train 79 new Mediators and 30+ Advanced Mediators in June.

The Peace Foundation spent three days with us teaching our Mediators the important life skills of effective communication, conflict resolution, rapport building, ‘listening to understand’ and mediation skills.

One cannot learn to help others without becoming more aware of themselves, and this training provides the opportunity to do both.

It also builds communities so that we can all support each other and look after each other.

A BIG Thank you to all you incredible students who put yourselves out of your comfort zone to embrace these incredible skills and work together as a community.

A heartfelt thank you to not only the Peace Foundation, but to Iti Peraua and Jan Pace who without their support, this training would not have happened.

We have also had informative Advanced Mediation Training sessions on ‘Positive Race Relations’ and NETSAFE this term. A big thank you to our YAS ( Youth Action Squad) leaders who supported the NETSAFE Facilitator on how to keep safe on the internet.


This year’s theme is “ The Power of Unity”: 8th – 12th AUGUST! Be involved in this great week of spreading Peace, Kindness, Inclusion and Understanding throughout our school community.


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