Introducing our 2020 Head Girl

Introducing our 2020 Head Girl

Introducing our 2020 Head Girl 150 150 admin

Bula everyone!

My name is Pranayam but many of you know me as P. I am a Fijian Indian born & bred in NZ and I’ve lived in Roskill my whole life! I was fortunate enough to have the full Roskill experience in being brought up in Mount Roskill Early Childhood Centre to MRPS, MRIS and finally back to the heart of the home MRGS 💖 .

I have a strong passion for music, more specifically playing the drums which I have pursued for the past 10 years of my life. I also enjoy playing football especially along side the 1st XI Girls (who I adore!) 🌟

I love meeting new people and am always up for a good conversation as I believe there’s a lot than can be both taught and learnt between individuals. Please know you’re always welcome to have a chat with me and I’m more than happy to be here for you throughout the course of the year 😊

Something I hold near and dear to my heart about MRGS is the spirit of the Phoenix which I see shine in every individual at our school. The spirit of happiness, success and support. We embrace unity and function as a family which is what makes Roskill so special as we use collaboration as a tool to strengthen the relationships between students across all year levels!

My aspirations for after MRGS is to hopefully study Plant based Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals somewhere abroad as I also wish to gain life experience in different countries to expand on my knowledge of the real world and add to my growth as a human being too💓

I hope you’re making the most of being at home by keeping busy but also taking the time to mentally regather as we head in to online learning in term 2! Just remember, although the school is closed, the Roskill family is forever ongoing and there will continue to be numerous support options available to make this as comfortable as possible for you such as teachers, deans, counsellors and not to forget your class mates & peers!!! Stay connected and remember to support each other through this tough time💎

Continue spreading kindness and remember, we got this family!

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