Introducing our 2020 Deputy Head Boy

Introducing our 2020 Deputy Head Boy

Introducing our 2020 Deputy Head Boy 150 150 admin

Hey everyone!

My name is Matthew Mitra. I am Filipino but I was born and raised in New Zealand. I really enjoy playing basketball, whether it be a friendly pick up game at the park or playing a high intensity game against some of the best schools in Auckland. I also like hanging out with my friends and finding the best places to eat. This is my fifth year of being part of the Roskill community as my previous schools were in West Auckland.

My favourite thing about MRGS is the sense of family and unity that it has to offer. I also love how diverse this school is, which gives students an opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultures as well as teaching others about their own.

My aspirations after I leave MRGS, are to study Law and/or Commerce at Auckland University.

During this lockdown I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and following the rules that our Government has enforced. Use this time to relax a little! Watch some movies, take a nap and jam out to your favourite music. Try to create a daily exercise routine or take on a new hobby. But also make time for your school work as being left behind is not ideal.

You can avoid this by keeping an eye on your school email to see if any new work has been assigned and checking in with teachers if you need any questions answered. As you guys know, online learning will be starting up tomorrow (15th April). This will be a new experience for almost all of us but I’m sure we’ll be able to get through it.

In the meantime, look after yourselves and be mindful of those around you. I look forward to seeing you all once we’re all back at school!

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