Head Prefect Profile – Chloe Vos

Head Prefect Profile – Chloe Vos

Head Prefect Profile – Chloe Vos 150 150 admin

Kia ora guys! My name is Chloe. You may have seen me on the Football & Touch team or MCing in assembly if you are in Rutherford (the best house). Both those teams have become like family to me while my Rutherford whānau has been a place for me to grow as a leader. I love sport but the people make it a whole lot better. I prefer to work in a team as I believe life is better journeying with people. My involvement in school is deeply rooted in the connections I make with the people around me and my desire to create genuine change in my community. I also have a love for music and singing.

My favourite songs right now definitely have to be Good Days by SZA and Heal my Heart By Eclessia. Lastly, I love getting a feed with my friends. My favourite place to get a feed at the moment is probably Barilla dumpling on Dominion Road.

I hope you and your families have stayed safe over this last lockdown. I know they can be hard but I am proud of you for getting through yet another one. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with your teachers or deans if you are needing extra support with your learning. Alongside this, get in contact with a counsellor here at MRGS if you are needing someone to chat to. They are there to support you, so please reach out if you need help.

I am so excited to be able to lead and serve this year and hope to create a whole lot of positive change here at Roskill. Feel free to come say hi or message me if you ever need to chat 🙂

Aroha Nui – Chloe

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