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The Staff from Consulate General of Japan, Auckland came to show the healing robot, Paro.
They year 9 students also had kimono wearing experience.

When I entered my Japanese classroom, I noticed that something was different. Three staff from the Consulate General of Japan had come to our school to teach us more about the Japanese culture. At first, I thought that they would teach us the same things like, “Sushi originates from Japan,” or “Japan is the home of anime”. But to my surprise, we got to learn way more things about the beautiful county. Here are the fun and educational things we did when the team of three came for a visit.

We started off by watching a few videos showing us the alluring sites of Japan and the fascinating technology made by the Japanese people. They displayed waterfalls and forests as well as self-driving and hydrogen powered cars.

After that we tried on some traditional Japanese clothing called Yukata and Happi. Yukata is a cheaper and easy-to-maintain version of a Kimono while Happi is something servants used to wear. We had to follow instructions to put them on and we looked really good with them on. Soon after, the staff showed us a cute alternative to a pet called “PARO”. Paro is a Japanese robot that helps dementia patients. It acts and reacts just like a pet to help provide social and emotional support. We would buy it if it were not $5000! We got to hold Paro and play with it, which (in my opinion) was very, VERY, cool.

Overall, it was a good experience and I really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot and had heaps of fun.

Priya Sandpa yr9

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School’s post

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