Japanese Trivia National Championship

Japanese Trivia National Championship

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Our Y10 students received 3rd prize in the Japanese Trivia championship last Friday 11th June at Epsom Girls Grammar School.

こんにちは! ( Hello)

On Friday 11th of June, two MRGS teams of four students competed in the Auckland region of the National Japanese Trivia Championship. We represented the school and Japan by wearing traditional Japanese clothing such as: Kendo Gear, Judo Gear and Kimono. The competition had many prizes including a ‘Best Dressed’ prize, where the winning team dressed as popular Japanese cartoon characters. We were one of the 10 Auckland schools and two of the 17 teams which participated in the 2-hour long competition. The competition had 5 rounds, all based on different aspects of Japanese culture such as Daily Life, Pop Culture, Food, Geography and Sports. There was also a guest appearance by the Consulate General Mr Hamada and two Consuls of the Japanese Embassy, along with a traditional drum (Taiko) performance by the Haere Mai Taiko Group.  Both our teams did well in the competition, with MRGS Team 2 scoring 25 points, and MRGS Team 1 scoring 35 points, enough to land them in 3rd place overall after a tense tiebreaker question.  Every participant from all the schools enjoyed the night, and we look forward to next year and intend to improve further our performance next year. Many thanks go to Kojima Sensei for organising this wonderful event.

Ansh Trivedi and Earl Soriano 

Photos from Mount Roskill Grammar School’s post
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