Practice Exams

Practice Exams

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Practice Exams

These will be used for derived grades if needed. Don’t 🤞, study 🙂. You can do this!

Friday 11th September is a study day for seniors. Juniors are on site.

For the last two weeks of term prompt start time for exams every day (INCLUDING Wednesday) 9am. There is no study leave during the exams, you are on site, on time for every lesson.

Friday 18th September teacher only day.

For the next two Fri, Sat, Sun a good strategy is to run your day like a school day. Allocating time to each subject each day and you will get a lot of prep done and still have time to rest, exercise, play etc.

Go well 🤗
Practice Exams

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Start-Up Info for 2021

Wednesday 3rd February

  • 9.40am new students to field
  • 9am all Year 13s & peer mentors to hall

Thursday 4th February

  • ALL students start school! (form time first)