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Roskill alumni making a difference in the lives of others

We’re celebrating 2020 being the Year of the Nurse and Midwife by shining light on some of the awesome team here at Starship. First up is Kaveendra, commonly referred to as ‘K’. Let’s find out more about K and #starshipstar William with a quick Q&A…

Name: Kaveendra Krishna or K
Job title: Clinical Coach
Ward/Department: 27B Starship Blood and Cancer Centre

Q: Why did you decide to become a nurse?
A: Health and wellness is something I’ve always been passionate about and nursing has allowed me to use my skills and knowledge to make a real difference to the lives of children and their families.

Q: Why do you love working at Starship?
A: I love working with the children and their families. Working at Starship has also allowed me to develop myself as a nurse and challenge me mentally, emotionally and physically.

Q: What’s important to you when working with children?
A: Being flexible, creative and having fun.

Q: What was your favourite game as a child?
A: Bull rush!

Q: What animal would make a good nurse, and why?
A: A tiger, because tigers are mentally strong, courageous, they have amazing senses, and they’re quick on their feet. Plus, who doesn’t love tigers!

We asked William: What is your favourite thing about K?
He said: “K is always there for a chat and has excellent bedside manner and he has amazing hair. I’m a little jealous. He’s a real cool guy.”

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