Swimming Champs

Swimming Champs

Swimming Champs 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On the 27th February, Mount Roskill Grammar School entered one of its biggest swim teams in recent memory at the Central Eastern Zone Swimming Champs. The students seemed to all enjoy the zone swimming and represented the school with honour. Overall, the team managed to get three top 10 finishes:

  • Ben Hew 8th Junior Boys Breaststroke
  • Andre Chan 9th Junior Boys Butterfly
  • Alex Winn 9th Junior Girls Backstroke

For the first time in a very long time it was pleasing to have Junior Boys and Senior Girls relay teams competing.

Full Results:

  • Alex Winn:  Junior Girls 15th Butterfly, 9th Backstroke, 17th Breaststroke, 13th Freestyle
  • Andre Chan:  Junior Boys 9th Butterfly, 12th Backstroke, 15th Breaststroke, 17th Freestyle
  • Joshua Chen:  Junior Boys 28th Freestyle
  • Ben Hew:  Junior Boys 9th  Butterfly, 11th Backstroke, 8th Breaststroke, 12th Freestyle
  • Jinitha Hewa:  Junior Boys 15th  Butterfly, 23rd Backstroke, 23rd Breaststroke, 26th Freestyle
  • Juan Micutuan:  Junior Boys 20th Breaststroke
  • Astrid Kyle:  Intermediate Girls 21st Backstroke, 23rd  Breaststroke, 25th Freestyle
  • Saniru Hewa: Intermediate Boys 17th Butterfly, 17th Backstroke, 18th Breaststroke, 21st Freestyle
  • Darlene Hotwani-Myer:  Senior Girls 16th Backstroke, 14th Breaststroke, 17th Freestyle
  • Josie Noller:  Senior Girls 18th Freestyle
  • Oscar MacKenzie:  Senior Boys 12th Backstroke, 21st Freestyle

We thank Miss Cindy Good for all her efforts with the swim programme at the school this year.