The Roskill Cup – Debating Tournament

The Roskill Cup – Debating Tournament

The Roskill Cup – Debating Tournament 150 150 Simon Whitlock

During the term break between terms 2&3, the Mt Roskill Grammar School Phoenixes hosted ‘The Roskill Cup’ two day open tournament for Roskill debaters. The tournament was open to students of all year levels and experience.
All debates were “limited prep” debates with only thirty minutes allowed for preparation. Nine teams competed on the first day, with the best four teams qualifying for the finals on day two. Due to draw strength team LTZ (Laurentiu Teca, Tisha Wadhwa and Zach Alajas) and team Pickles and Mayonnaise (Sneha Bhati, Nicole Sue and Mahreen Dossa) missed out on breaking into the finals. The finalists are listed below:

In the semi-finals on Day 2, debating the motion “This house prefers a world where marriage doesn’t exist”, The Premiers successfully negated against the The Debatey Baiters, and The Golden Trio successfully affirmed the motion against The Three Wheels.

In the grand final, debating the motion “This House World require employers to interview candidates in a way that conceals appearance, gender, ethnicity, and age”, The Golden Trio successfully negated the motion in a 4-1 judges split to be crowned the inaugural Roskill Cup champions.

Top speaker awards (average speaker scores throughout the preliminary rounds):

1. Hannah Armstrong 74.5

2. Nesil Satani 73.75

3. Simar Bains 72.5

4. Lydias Yong and Karen Wang 72.33

5. Sonam Bagwe 71.5.

Congratulations to The Golden Trio (Simar Bains, Nesil Satani, Hannah Armstrong), first ever winners of The Roskill Cup!

A big thank you to our adjudicators, draw creators and scorers:
– Roskill alumni Anotidaishe Michael Chitando, Vinodhini Murali, Maitreyi Chakrapani
– current students Mohamed Ihsanullah (P A), Huthaifa Ibrahim.

A huge thank you also to Mr Singh for taking the debating Phoenix’s to new heights!