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Excellence Awards

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Thursday 25 February, 6.30pm
Guest speaker Uelese (Wallace) Mua

We’re happy to announce that Uelese (or Wallace) has joined the team at Euro as our new Head Chef!

Uelese is a New Zealand born Samoan chef and remembers being asked as a teenager in cooking school to write down three restaurants he aspired to work at. ⁠Euro was at the top of that list then and still remained there 15 years later.

With a cooking background that spans nations, including France, Uelese is drawn to the increased global influence which has informed Euro’s new focus. “I think in New Zealand, fusion food is a must. I’m always saying that as chefs, we’re lucky in New Zealand because we have so many different cultures and styles.”

Read more about Uelese, including his journey to Euro here: https://www.eurobar.co.nz/journal/uelese-mua
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