Wearing Masks at School

Wearing Masks at School

Wearing Masks at School 150 150 Rozanne Donald

We strongly encourage the wearing of a mask at school during Alert Level 2.

  • Many families have already made suitable masks and we have added mask patterns to the website.
  • To encourage mask use we will be handing out disposable masks to those who would like one at the gate on Thursday 3 September and Friday 4 September.
  • Disposable masks should not be reused.
  • We have ordered a limited supply of cloth masks which will be available for purchase once we have them on site.

Over the next few months there will be times when mask wearing will provide everyone with greater confidence to attend school. We appreciate your support in ensuring your child has this option. Thank you for all the support you are providing the school and our wider community.

Printable Mask Pattern