Year 10 French Cafe Trip

Year 10 French Cafe Trip

Year 10 French Cafe Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On the 24th of June, the two Year 10 French classes of MRGS went on a school trip. We arrived at school by 8:30am on that Wednesday and then took a bus to Mt Eden, where we were going to have our exciting French morning tea. The cafe that we went to was called Eiffel en Eden. It is a small, cute cafe. There were trinkets displayed in the front window and cute French flags hanging around. When we arrived, we went to the upstairs level where we could get our tables. After we took our seats we were allowed to go downstairs to the counter. The ladies at the counter were very friendly and French! We were even allowed to make our order in French. It was really fun to be able to use our French knowledge in a fun and casual environment. There was so much delicious food like “une religieuse” and “un millefeuille” (even though it was pretty hard to pronounce lol).

My favourite items were a macron and un pain au chocolat. “C’est délicieux”. By the end of our stay in the cafe many of our mates had tasted something we were all looking forward to – “un Escargot” (a snail)!

Just when we finished eating, one of the lovely ladies that worked at the cafe brought over a guitar and sang a wonderful French song for all the students. It was truly incredible. I think it was a wonderful experience and the French Cafe Trip was definitely one of my favourite parts about Year 10 French so far.

Cynaika D’costa (1002) & Vidhi Patel (1006)

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