Year 9 Health Presentation

Year 9 Health Presentation

Year 9 Health Presentation 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On Tuesday 21 May all Year 9 classes experienced education through a creative theatre workshop, The Smashed Project. This workshop focused on awareness and confidence to make responsible
choices around alcohol. Our year 9s were engaged in a unique way, allowing them to explore the causes and consequences of underage drinking in a safe and motivating learning environment enabling them to make positive choices when faced with peer pressure.
As this was the first time this group presented in NZ we had three of our students joined by Hillary Barry for an interview which appeared on Seven Sharp. Travis Noa, Jireh Stitt and Joshlyn Iyekekpolo talked from a student’s perspective about the issues around alcohol for teenagers.

Start-Up Info for 2021

Wednesday 3rd February

  • 9.40am new students to field
  • 9am all Year 13s & peer mentors to hall

Thursday 4th February

  • ALL students start school! (form time first)