Youth Peace Symposium – The Power of Unity

Youth Peace Symposium – The Power of Unity

Youth Peace Symposium – The Power of Unity 150 150 Simon Whitlock

After our MRGS Peace Week, 28 Mediators attended the fabulous Peace Symposium, alongside seven other schools and Peace Leaders.

This fun day was full of engaging, interactional Peace activities, as well as hearing from the inspirational Chloe Swarbrick, Auckland Central Member of Parliament; and Peace advocate Kodrean Eashae, Founder of Voice of Aroha.

When Chloe was speaking about politics, she told the story of the fish swimming up the river, and the dog on the riverside asking “How’s the water?” The fish answered: “What water?”  She made it clear that politics is everywhere, we are all swimming in politics. We need to be aware and make decisions for ourselves otherwise others will make our decisions for us. She said be involved in your community and believe you can make a difference even if you’re young. In fact being young is an asset. She also said that often what we find inspirational in others is what we ourselves are aspiring to.

Our Mediators Riley, Damien, Aiysha, Mika, Neron, Ketula, Losa, Shadrach, Fatima, Earl, Lujain, Megan, Nicole, Khadija, Alla, Nanditha, Hargun, Redeyet, Mudita, Jessica, Ravneet, Asil, Julius, Tui, Arya, Sumayyah, Tisha and Aanisha all did a great peace presentation making MRGS proud once again.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Peace Foundation who made this possible!

E hara taku toa

i te toa takitahi,

he toa takitini

My strength is not as an individual,

But as a collective.