Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Being a BYOD school

We are a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school. Your child needs to have a device for learning to bring to school.

That means that all of our courses at every level have an online component and devices are used by students on a daily basis to access learning activities and resources. Below is a link to a flyer from Harvey Norman detailing some recommended devices at a variety of price points.


The lockdowns in 2020 showed us that we need to be a school that offers a combination of online and face to face learning for every course so that we are agile in changing circumstances. All teachers use eLearning as part of their course and therefore every student needs to have access to a device.

Digital technology is a vital component of learning to enable our students to be work-ready when they leave school. Students’ benefit from bringing in their own devices to use in class giving them:

  1. The ability to develop a portfolio of learning Google Apps – to access, document and receive feedback and feedforward about their work.
  2. Greater ability to communicate with teachers, parents and peers to support their learning.
  3. To extend their learning beyond the classroom. Anytime, anywhere access to unlimited resources and information on the internet.
  4. The ability to draft, redraft and publish their work at the click of a button.
  5. The potential to work collaboratively and a capability to become active partners in their learning.

Access to a Device

Purchasing a device –see this flyer from Harvey Norman for purchasing recommendations.

To access a loan device you will need:

  • $50 bond repaid to you on return of the device (eftpos is available)
  • Community services card
  • Loan agreement signed by a parent or guardian(available here or from accounts)

If you are struggling to provide a device AND you have a community services card we can arrange a loaner device with a $50 deposit. The school aims to support all students to have access to a device but we will only be able to loan devices where there is family hardship. Please equip your student with a device for learning in 2021 either by purchasing a device or by presenting your community services card to accounts. That way we can use our limited resources to supply those students in genuine need.

What devices are OK – Financial Support

The ideal device for school use:

  • Lightweight, but robust for daily use
  • Has a protective carry case
  • 4+ hours of battery power
  • Has built in wireless capability
  • Has Google Chrome as it’s default web browser
  • Has 2+ USB ports tor expansion and connectivity
  • Has anti-virus / anti-spyware protection
  • Google Apps for Education capability

Recommendations for device:

You do not need to purchase a brand new device. If you have a device at home that is compatible with our system, we encourage students to bring it. Many students bring a smartphone to school, this is NOT a BYOD learning device, as it is limited by size and applications. You DO NOT need to purchase the Microsoft Office suite – this is provided by the school.

Suitable devices for school are:

  • Chromebook
  • Laptop
  • Notebook
  • Tablet

Financial Support

It is possible to speak with your case worker, WINZ will potentially fund a device if you have a letter from your school, stating that it is an expectation that your child have a device for learning.

Many large retailers have leasing and support plans that you can access when you let them know you are purchasing a device for a school BYOD programme.

Digital Learning

Teachers at MRGS are diversifying their teaching practices and learning outcomes through ongoing professional development around BYOD. As a school, we teach our students how to use technology in ways that assist their learning. We are careful in using a framework to sit behind our teaching that aligns with the New Zealand curriculum and Michael Fullan’s research into the 6 C’s.

Google Apps for Education

Keeping all your work, in one place

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child keep their device safe? Who is responsible for security and damage?

Taking care of their own possessions is part of the NZ curriculum with regards to ‘Managing Self’. There are some storage lockers in the school library should a student want to store a device. We strongly recommend that you insure your child’s device and discuss various options with your insurance provided prior to bringing the device to school. MRGS will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices.

How will my child charge their device?

We expect students to take responsibility for the charging of their device overnight so they will bring their devices to school fully charged.

Will I need to purchase stationery to use in class?

Having a digital device does not make MRGS a fully paperless school. However stationery requirements have been reduced due to students having access to a device for their learning.