Performing Arts Academy

The Performing Arts Academy program is designed to accelerate learning of Dance and Drama technique, creation and performance skills for high achieving Year 9 and 10 students who have a passion for the Performing Arts. Utilising the highly qualified creative Dance and Drama staff at MRGS and a range of dancers, choreographers, directors and actors from some of New Zealand’s most highly regarded companies, this is an opportunity for identified talent to work together towards public performances. This will deepen their existing skills and extend the students beyond a regular Year 9 or 10 Performing Arts curriculum. The ultimate goal for our students is to work towards becoming dance and/or drama creatives with skills in performance and creation.

The course will involve…

  • A mix of practical and theoretical studies. The program provides a pathway on to academic success in Drama and Dance at Senior Level.
  • Early access to Level 1 NCEA standards for Dance and Drama.
  • A range of Performing Arts processes and performances including:
    • Choreography
    • Dance Technique
    • Drama Technique
    • Devising/Creating Drama
    • Ensemble skills
    • Warm up and body/mind conditioning exercises
    • Rehearsal skills and approaches
    • Performance and Audience etiquette
    • Trips to see Drama and/or Dance performances
    • Workshops with notable creatives from the Performing Arts industry
    • Designing and analysing costume, props, set, sound and lighting