In addition to having your fees free for your first year of study (check whether you qualify, there are a range of scholarships available. You need to apply to be eligible.

Year 13 students who have demonstrated academic excellence usually apply for scholarships. In addition to academic excellence, some scholarships take into account the student’s contribution to their community; others are aimed at students in severe financial need. There are also specific scholarships for Maori and Polynesian students.

The scholarships section on the CareersNZ website offers a large amount of information on scholarships that are available for tertiary study. It includes the scholarship links on websites of tertiary providers and many industry groups and government organisations, links to websites containing information on specific scholarships available for Maori and Polynesian students as well as a guide on how to apply for scholarships.

The givME Scholarship Database

givME from Generosity New Zealand is a comprehensive database of scholarships, awards and grants available for tertiary study that is accessible to subscribers. Year 13 students will be emailed a link that will enable them to access the givME scholarship database within school free of charge.

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