Homestays are an important part of your new life in NZ.

  • If you want to leave a homestay that we arrange, you must give 2 weeks notice.

All students are supervised by school homestay staff, and all homestays undergo Police checks.

  • All students must live within a reasonable distance of the school’s zone.
  • All students must inform the school of any changes in caregiver arrangements immediately.
  • Under no circumstances can students find accommodation through advertisements or go flatting.
  • For more information contact our homestay co-ordinator

To apply for homestay, send in the homestay application form with your enrolment. 


2021 Homestay fees are $290 per week paid in advance

Hosting an International Student

If you would like to host an international student, please fill in the forms below and send them to the International Department, along with a bank deposit slip.  A member of the International Team will then contact you as soon as available to organise a visit and take photos of your home.

Once we have your profile we then match you with a student who needs accommodation.  If you have any questions please contact the International Department.