Tournament Week 150 150 admin

Tournament Week

North Island Secondary Schools:
  • MRGS Curling Girls’ Team 1st
  • MRGS/Pinehurst Curling Mixed Team 2nd

Friday 1st September:

  • Girls’ Hockey in the final (Whakatane)
  • Boys’ Football in the final (Whangarei)
Chinese Cultural Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Chinese Cultural Trip

On Tuesday, August 2nd, our years 9 and 10 Chinese classes took on a journey to
experience Chinese culture. There were many activities we experienced, such as Chinese
painting, playing the Yaogu (a Chinese traditional instrument), and the Tie Dye. We even got
to eat traditional Chinese food.
On the bus, the collective excitement buzzed through the atmosphere, everyone eagerly
awaiting our arrival. Once we were there, we were introduced to the directors and teachers
who work at the CNSST, the Chinese New Settlers Service Trust, and they told us about the
incredible work they do to help people settle into New Zealand and educate others about
Chinese culture.
The first activity we did was brush painting, where we got to use the calligraphy brush dipped
in Chinese traditional ink and drew on rice paper. Following the teacher, she taught us how
to draw cute pandas, which are the national animal of China. Everyone got busy painting their
adorable pandas on the Chinese round fans. This was very challenging at first, but in the
end, we were all very proud of what we achieved.
Afterwards, we played Yaogu, a traditional Chinese drum which was hung on the waist and
played with wooden sticks, accompanied by dancing. 1,2,3,4… In a circle, we all danced and
drummed to the beat of four different rhythms. At first, it was really confusing, though we
gradually got the hang of the movements and rhymes.
Then the lunch arrived in time. We had fried rice, fried noodles, steamed buns, and spring
rolls. In Chinese they are called Chaofan, Chaomian, Baozi and Chunjuan.
After a delicious meal, our final activity for the day was the Tie Dye. This was where we
learnt about its origins and the different techniques that we could employ to create our own t-shirts. We all thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different colours and patterns,
wondering what our creations would look like once we removed the rubber bands.
Overall, our trip was truly an interesting and educational experience. We’re very grateful to
have had the opportunity to try so many new things and learn about different aspects of
Chinese culture.

Alice, Stella, and Vicky 10CHN


Youth Peace Symposium – The Power of Unity 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Youth Peace Symposium – The Power of Unity

After our MRGS Peace Week, 28 Mediators attended the fabulous Peace Symposium, alongside seven other schools and Peace Leaders.

This fun day was full of engaging, interactional Peace activities, as well as hearing from the inspirational Chloe Swarbrick, Auckland Central Member of Parliament; and Peace advocate Kodrean Eashae, Founder of Voice of Aroha.

When Chloe was speaking about politics, she told the story of the fish swimming up the river, and the dog on the riverside asking “How’s the water?” The fish answered: “What water?”  She made it clear that politics is everywhere, we are all swimming in politics. We need to be aware and make decisions for ourselves otherwise others will make our decisions for us. She said be involved in your community and believe you can make a difference even if you’re young. In fact being young is an asset. She also said that often what we find inspirational in others is what we ourselves are aspiring to.

Our Mediators Riley, Damien, Aiysha, Mika, Neron, Ketula, Losa, Shadrach, Fatima, Earl, Lujain, Megan, Nicole, Khadija, Alla, Nanditha, Hargun, Redeyet, Mudita, Jessica, Ravneet, Asil, Julius, Tui, Arya, Sumayyah, Tisha and Aanisha all did a great peace presentation making MRGS proud once again.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Peace Foundation who made this possible!

E hara taku toa

i te toa takitahi,

he toa takitini

My strength is not as an individual,

But as a collective.

Alumni News 150 150 admin

Alumni News

Last week of Oscar Keightly‘s Dawn Raids production featuring past students on stage or behind the scenes:

Congratulations Talia-Rae, Lijah, Netane, Nimeti and Jonjon

Spoken Word Update 150 150 admin

Spoken Word Update

Spoken Word

We made it to the final!

Spoken Word Photos 150 150 admin

Spoken Word Photos


1, 2, 3 word!
Congratulations to our Spoken Word semi finalists at the Auckland Town Hall.

Buy Word – The Front Line 2022 Semi-Finals 150 150 admin

Buy Word – The Front Line 2022 Semi-Finals

National Poetry Day

Come and support our Spoken Word semi finalists! The staff got a sneak preview today and our messages are strong!

Buy Word – The Front Line 2022 Semi-Finals – tickets for 2022 at Moshtix. Taking place at Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall on August 27th, 2022, you can find more ticket and event information, lineup, artists, set times and extra show dates online.

Wednesday 24 August – Teacher Only Day 150 150 admin

Wednesday 24 August – Teacher Only Day

NCEA Accord Day – Teacher only day. One of our Ministry appointed days to prepare for NCEA changes. Students to study at home Wednesday 24th August.

Campus Fiafia Night 150 150 admin

Campus Fiafia Night

Campus Fiafia Night


MRGS Cultural Week Stalls 150 150 admin

MRGS Cultural Week Stalls

Friday Haps! Keep a look out for the cultural arts and crafts that will be outside the Hodge Commons at lunchtime on Friday 19th August! Please check out the stalls and show your support by immersing yourself into the amazing multicultural diversity we have at MRGS! Happy Cultural Week Everyone!