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MacLean Centre - Te Ara Tika

E kore au e ngaro
He kākano i ruia mai i Rangiātea.

I will never be lost for I am a seed sown from Rangiātea

About Us


Established in 1977 and named in honor of Mr. B H MacLean, Principal 1966 - 1981, the Centre has continued to grow in size and reputation.

Our Philosophy

The MacLean Centre is a facility where students with disabilities can grow emotionally, socially and cognitively in a challenging and supportive environment with maximum contact with their age peers.

Our School

As a student at Mount Roskill Grammar School your son or daughter will experience ‘The Roskill Way’ as a framework for all interactions they are involved in.  This means that they will be expected to:

  • Be the best they can be (Excellence)
  • Play their part (Responsibility)
  • Consider others (Respect)

Underpinning these expectations are the values of:

  • Manaakitanga (uplifting and fostering the mana of each person)
  • Whanaungatanga (fostering relationships, cherishing diversity, seeking support and making good connections)

There are no exceptions to this for MacLean Centre students. High expectations are set and school policies and procedures apply to all students.

Our Goal

To enhance the learning of students identified as having significant special needs because of their disability.

How the MacLean Centre Operates

Students who require significant additional support to access education receive ORS funding. As a Fundholder school, Mount Roskill Grammar School combines all ORS funding received and uses it  to benefit all within the centre. This means that at various times in their education students will receive over their allocation of services and at others possibly under.

All students are well-supported. Each class of approximately 10 students will have a Specialist teacher, who is in turn is supported by Learning Support Assistants, usually 2. All students have interactions with mainstream teachers:  as Form teachers,  in mainstream classes, and in specialist teaching situations. Further to this they may receive therapy services to enhance their access to learning. 
As with all students at Mount Roskill Grammar School, students are grouped as junior or senior in year levels:

Junior students
are those students who are in their first 2 years of high school - Year 9 and Year 10.  

Senior students are those students who are in their 3rd year of high school and beyond - years 11, 12, 13 , 13+.

Education Programmes

The MacLean Centre provides a range of educational opportunities for students with disabilities. These include:

  • A fully inclusive environment with students joining in regular classes with their peers
  • A semi-inclusive environment with the students joining in regular classes with support staff.
  • A supportive environment for students with complex inter-related needs
  • A skills development programme that facilitates and provides opportunities for students: to learn and practice day to day living skills; to cope with employment; and to be self sufficient members of the community.
  • Opportunity for students to participate in vertical forms and houses and to attend all form/house meetings and activities

Opportunities for all students to:

  • Obtain academic qualifications
  • Achieve optimum physical independence
  • Gain functional living skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve social skills
  • Improve self esteem
  • Prepare for work and adult life

To enable all students to participate fully in the school programme there is support from:

  • Teachers with qualifications and experience in Special Education
  • Therapists (Occupational, Physio and Speech Language)
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • A student and teacher body who readily accepts students with special needs

Specialist Services

All students are overseen by our therapy team.  

The team consists of:

  • 1 Speech Language Therapist ( 5 days)
  • 1 Occupational therapist (3 days- M,T,W)
  • 1 Physiotherapist (2 days - over the week)

Oversight occurs in our team meetings and is enhanced through collaboration with the specialist teacher and parents/whanau at other times. Therapy services are prioritized based on identified need, as assessed by our Therapy Specialists. They use a ‘Therapy Prioritization Tool’ developed to ensure no one is overlooked. Some students will require intensive interventions, others will require short term intervention and others monitoring. This process is robust and fair.


MacLean Centre Enrolment

The MacLean Centre provides educational and specialist service support for students with disabilities who have their special needs recognized under the Ongoing Reviewable Resourcing Scheme (ORRS).

Enrolment Criteria

1. Applicants will have ORRS funding

  • High
  • Very High
  • High Health

2. Applicants will have special needs and will require access to specialist services.

3. Applicants will be between 12 ½ and 19 years when they begin a course at school.

There are 3 levels of priority:

Priority 1: Applicants will permanently reside within the Mt. Roskill Grammar School zone as determined by the BOT and by the MoE (Area 1). See attached map.

Priority 2: Applicants will permanently reside within the Central Auckland area (Area 2). That is - the area bounded to the North by the Waitemata Harbour, West by a line midway between Mt. Roskill Grammar School and the facility at Waitakere College, East by a line midway between Mt. Roskill Grammar School and the facility at Selwyn College , South by a line midway between Mt. Roskill Grammar and the facility at Papatoetoe High School. See attached map. In addition, a Transport Application will need to be approved by Auckland GSE.

Priority 3: Applicants will permanently reside outside the Central Auckland area (as defined Priority 2).

In addition, a transport application will need to be approved by Ministry of Education (Wellington).

The selection process will be undertaken by the MacLean Centre Management Committee who will base their decision on the Criteria listed above.


You are invited to make an appointment to view the centre and to discuss enrolment opportunities.

MacLean Centre Manager-Janice Whitaker-Hall
Assistant Manager- Pamela Jackson
Interpreters can be arranged if required.

Janice Whitaker-Hall

Ph. 09 6210052

Email: janice.whitaker-hall@mrgs.school.nz

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