Student Led Well-being Programmes

Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP)

We are proud to be part of the Auckland District Health Board’s Peer Sexuality Support Programme.

This programme started two decades ago when increasing evidence became available that advice and information given by peers is effective in influencing adolescent attitudes and behaviours. Young people have knowledge of the culture, language and concerns of people their own age. This way young people can be empowered to make informed decisions about their social and sexual health.

Each year five students are selected who attend a four-day training hui with students from other schools. The training programme concentrates on exploring the attitudes, behaviours, beliefs and values of participants and their peer groups. The experiential workshops raise the personal awareness of participants’ own sexual health and identifies the limits of their role. They are provided with accurate information, and access to resources and resource people. They are upskilled in the areas of support and communication skills, knowledge of referral pathways, and ideas on health promotions within our school.

The trained students then act as support, resource and health promotion people both within their peer group and within the wider school. Our students help the counsellors teach classes on relationships and sexuality within the Year 10 Health programme. They actively promote values like respect and communication, and initiated the now nationally spread “Consent Awareness Week” in 2015.

Body Image Leaders (BILS)

At Mount Roskill Grammar we celebrate all kinds of diversity. One of these is the diversity of Body Shape and Size. Many students struggle with their body image and few realise that the picture they have in their minds of how they should look is greatly affected by images portrayed in the media. Many of these images have been photo-shopped, air brushed and computer enhanced to the point that they do not represent reality.

At Mount Roskill Grammar we have a group of students called the Body Image Leaders whose mission is to promote positive Body Image, Body Satisfaction and to create awareness around the myths the media presents as to how we “should” look.

The group has been established in the school since 2001.

The Body Image Leaders support other students in two main ways. Firstly they educate and increase awareness around Body Image by teaching a session on critical media literacy for Year 10 Health Classes and by making Assembly presentations to the whole school. Secondly they support students who might be dealing with body image and body satisfaction issues to access further support from a Counsellor.

This group meets in Student Services and is coordinated by a Counsellor.

“Live For Tomorrow…”

Our “Live for Tomorrow…” student leaders are keen to promote messages of empathy, inclusion, and community here at MRGS, especially around mental health. The aim is to both de-stigmatise mental health, and to promote mentally healthy ways to live. This definitely includes having fun so they will be organising lots of events that make you smile.

Here are some of the messages Live for Tomorrow… are keen to share:

  • Asking for help is a sign of strength
  • Your present situation is not your final destination
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Enjoy the little things
  • It’s OK not to be perfect
  • No emotion is permanent
  • No person struggling should have to endure judgement or discrimination
  • With the right support you can get through anything

The three dots are a symbolic reminder that there is an ongoing story, and if today is not feeling that great, Live for Tomorrow…

The group is run in Student Services and coordinated by Counsellor, Rose Jenkin.

SKITTLES: our Diversity Group

Skittles is our school’s Diversity group, co-facilitated by a group of trained student leaders and staff.

It is an inclusive alliance of people who share a firm commitment to social justice. We work towards creating a safe and supportive school for rainbow students and staff.

It also is a place that provides belonging and connectedness in a warm atmosphere of acceptance and celebration of  different sexual and gender identities.  We proactively avoid labelling and judgement.

The group organises the annual “Day of silence” to draw attention to the silencing impact of homophobia and transphobia.

They have an annual shared lunch with the Lynfield College SKITTLES group.

The group is run through Student Services.

All welcome.