Sport at MRGS

Preparing students for a healthy life after school by learning about the benefits associated with physical activity and team sports. The aim is to foster participation and pursuit of personal excellence in the sporting arena.

Our Annual Goals are:

  1. To effectively communicate with all stakeholders.
  2. To build and retain key partnerships.
  3. To continue developing Centres of Excellence (Sports Academies of Basketball, Football, Hockey and Rugby and the Being Roskill Football programme).
  4. To implement school values into Sport.


All students are encouraged to participate in sporting and recreational activities. Students are expected to play for school teams unless their sport is not catered for. Mount Roskill Grammar School provides opportunities to compete at an elite and participation level in Secondary School Sport.

In the first few weeks of school there will be a sports sign up for Summer Sports. The students will select the sports they wish to be involved with and collect the sport permission slips for these. This will provide detail of first meeting times, fees and other general information your son/daughter will need. There will be a Winter Sport sign up later in Term 1.

Sports Fees

Sports fees are kept to a minimum and assist with the daily running of the Sports Department, team entry fees, transport costs and first aid costs such as strapping tape.

Sports fees must be paid prior to the beginning of the season.

All Sports Fees can be paid via internet banking.
Bank: ASB
Account No: 12 3033 0358045 02
Please remember to include your son’s/daughter’s ID number and what the payment is for in the reference. E.g. ‘12345 Netball’

In case of genuine financial hardship students are asked to discuss the situation with their Coach/ Manager. Provision can be made for payment over time with a guarantee from the parent/caregiver. Fundraising via selling chocolates can take place through Mr McGibbon.

Sport Notices

Sports notices are available every morning on the school notice boards or via the Parent Portal on KAMAR. It is the student’s responsibility to read these so that they do not miss any meetings or trial dates. Many Sports have individual notice boards situated around the school gyms. Draws, training, trial notices and general sports information is updated regularly. Sports updates can also be found on the schools official sports Instagram page

Sporting Achievements

During the course of the year the school wishes to acknowledge the sporting achievements of our students. This applies equally to all codes whether they are played at Mount Roskill Grammar School or not. There are many students that have regional and National success in major codes that we are aware of through our network of coaches and administrators, however there can be times when we are not informed.

To this end if you are an athlete or know of an athlete that has had regional and/or national success can you please let us know in the Mount Roskill Grammar School Sport Office (Gym 3 Foyer) or by emailing

Sports Exchanges

Throughout the year we have two sports exchanges. These are against Pukekohe High School and Mahurangi College. Historically these take place between our top teams in Basketball, Hockey, Football, Rugby and Netball and in recent times Cricket and Volleyball have been included.

Sports Tournaments

Teams from Mount Roskill Grammar School compete in national competitions usually in the first week of September. Teams travel around the North Island to compete in these competitions.

Sports Uniforms

All Students who play sport for Mount Roskill Grammar School must wear the correct uniform for their chosen sport. Some of our junior teams will wear the Mount Roskill Grammar School PE uniform. The majority of senior teams and competitive junior teams will have uniforms provided for them.


The policy of Mount Roskill Grammar School is to provide transport to co-curricular events (where feasible) in order to reduce cost, maintain safety and increase team spirit. Costs for school transport is built into the fees of those teams that use it. Where MRGS cannot provide transport, parents/caregivers will be responsible for transporting their child and support with transporting others is highly appreciated.


Participating in sport involves total commitment to the team and coach. Players must be prepared to meet all playing and training commitments. Possible clashes of interest, such as work and other sporting pursuits, need to be considered before committing to a sport. If you can’t meet all the requirements it is the student’s responsibility to discuss this with the coach or Teacher in charge at the start of the season.

Work Completion

If a student is involved in representing the school or representative teams in sport then they need to take responsibility for catching up on schoolwork missed.


Part of being a member of a representative team for Mount Roskill Grammar School is a commitment to attend school, all practices and games. Failure to adhere to this will mean that you will not be selected for games until you can demonstrate the commitment required. The expectation for attendance to school is 90%-100% each week.


Students are asked to tell coaches if they are injured so the Coach can give advice as to treatment, and assess whether you should participate in practices and the game. The students’ health and wellbeing is the priority and the school does not encourage students to play through injuries.  The school provides a physiotherapist twice a week and appointments have to be made with Student Services. We encourage students to see the school physiotherapist to prevent further damage occurring and aid in the player returning to full fitness. The rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE) method should be applied immediately to all soft tissue injuries. All teams have basic First Aid equipment for minor injuries.


The sports academy program is designed to enhance individual performance and sport related skills for high achieving sportspeople. The opportunity for identified talent to train in the hours of daylight, with highly qualified coaches throughout the school year, offers these athletes the time to hone existing skills and to learn and develop a wide range of new skills. These include individual and team skills, tactics, fitness, nutrition and sports psychology. The ultimate goal for students is to work towards becoming an elite performer.


  • The purpose of the Sports Academy is to achieve high performance from talented sportspeople within their specialised areas.
  • A mix of practical and theoretical studies is taught. The program provides a pathway on to academic success in Sport Science and Physical Education at the senior level.
  • The Sports Academy operates as a half year option subject.

The program provides both sport specific coaching and theoretical generic sports related studies with a major focus on Literacy over a 2 year period. This includes:

  • Literacy – learning through sport as the medium
  • Goal Setting and reflective journals
  • Principles of Training
  • Physiology and Anatomy
  • Sport Psychology
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Mentoring and Leadership
  • Fitness and conditioning
  • Skill development and tactical awareness
  • Video Analysis (numeracy)
  • Fitness studies

Basketball Academy

Football Academy

Hockey Academy

Rugby Academy