MacLean Centre

Opportunities for students who live with a disability to attend school with their peers and receive support.

The MacLean Centre provides an opportunity for students who live with a disability to attend school with their peers and receive support from specialist teachers, learning support assistants and therapists.

The programme is flexible and pathways reassessed every year in consultation with students and parents.

The MacLean Centre offers individualised programmes for all students. Each teacher is responsible for a base class and timetables are designed to suit the nature of the learning needed by each person.

HOD MacLean Centre – Debra Shiers

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Hons), Masters in Educational Leadership

Experience: I originally started as a PE teacher in England.  I then moved to various roles in Special Education before moving to New Zealand in 2009 where I have continued to work in the field of Special  Ed.  My most recent role, before moving to MRGS, has been as Assistant Principal at Wairau Valley Special School.

Why I teach my subject: I am passionate about Special Education.  I believe all students deserve a high quality education whatever their circumstances.

Why I teach at MRGS: The MacLean Centre has an amazing team of dedicated teachers, learning support assistants and therapists.  I am really looking forward to being part of this department and also part of a school with such a caring culture towards both staff and students.

Courses and Pathways

Mainstream Pathway Year 9/10

Mainstream classes

MacLean Centre Pathway Year 9/10

Homeroom for English, Maths, Science, SST

  • With MC specialist junior option classes available
  • Mainstream option choice if suitable

Year 11

English, Math, + 1/2/3 other choices

Students who take 3 or more mainstream subjects will be in the MacLean Centre Mainstream group where they will be supported in their learning if required.

Mixed Senior H/R

  • With MC specialist options available
  • 1 Mainstream option choice if suitable

Year 12/13

English +2, 3 or 4 choices

Final Years at MC

  • Transition/work experience class
  • Life skills

Nishith Ghande, Graduating 2021

I’m a student at MacLean Centre

I like the MacLean Centre because it’s a nice place because it’s full of nice people. I feel very safe in the MacLean, it always makes me happy and excited every time when I’m in the centre. The staff really get to know the students, and their parents, help them to grow into the people they know they can be.