ESOL nurtures self-identity while providing opportunities for success in academic, social and cultural aspects of English.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provides opportunities for students from non-English speaking backgrounds to nurture self-pride and self-identity in their linguistic and cultural heritage whilst facilitating the development of English Language skills necessary to become active responsible citizens.

The programme provides opportunities for students from non-English Speaking backgrounds to grasp the academic, social and cultural aspects of English through the teaching of the receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing) in English.

HOD ESOL – Dianne Dunchie-Coley

Qualifications: I studied Linguistics and Literature at the undergraduate level then completed a bachelor’s degree in English Language Education at the University of the West Indies. I later completed a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with ESL Specialisation at American College of Education.

Experience: I have taught senior English Courses in three countries in the Caribbean to native speakers of English and have had the opportunity to facilitate the development of students from non-English speaking backgrounds in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands and have prepared them to sit the regions English Language and Literature Examinations for native speakers of English. I have also worked as an adjunct lecturer in English at the Turks and Caicos Community College and Turks and Caicos Business College.

Why I teach my subject: I teach English as a Second Language because I developed empathy for my students from non-native backgrounds as an expatriate teacher of English in The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. I found satisfaction in facilitating enjoyable languages lessons and bridging the gap to help equip students with the language tools to function in complex societies.

Why I teach at MRGS: I teach at MRGS because it embraces diversity and encourages both staff and students to be lifelong learners. MRGS promotes inclusion for its diverse students and teachers yet it nurtures self-pride and self-identity in students’ and staff members’ linguistic and cultural heritage.

Dianne Dunchie-Coley – HOD ESOL
David Syme
– Teacher, Rutherford House Associate Dean
Justine Lee – Teacher
Margaret Va’ aelua
– Teacher
Kamal Medabala – Teacher

Courses and Pathways


This is a multi-level foundation class that focuses on the basics of English. These students are not able to participate in the mainstream classes.


This is a multi-level class of senior students that focuses on the basics of English. The class consists of short-term international students and also those students who are promoted out of 9NL. These students take three mainstream classes with ESL.


This is a Year 9 intensive English support class. They study ESL science and social studies as well as English. They do two other options, Maths and PE.


This is a Year 10 intensive English support class. They do ESL social studies. Most have ESL as one of their options, and have chosen one other. These students participate in mainstream Maths and Science classes.


This is an option class for Year 10 students. Some students choose to do it, while it is recommended others.


This is an option for Years 11-13 students. They do the NCEA English Language Standards Levels 1-3. Students who are in NL2 and NL3 and some ESL students who are mainstreamed take this class as an option.

Cara Wang, Graduating 2020


Subject I have taken: ESL (English as second language)

Why I am studying this subject: I studying this subject because I think ESL can improve my English. There are students from all over the world in ESL, so I not only improve my English but I also learn about the different cultures from their home countries.

What this subject offers me: ESL offers me a good environment to study and the ESL’s teacher can help me translate the homework from other subjects which helps me understand in other subjects and means I use the English I am learning straight away.

Why I love this subject: When our classmates are communicating, you will learn something that you can’t get from the internet. It love the way the teacher doesn’t just teach us English from a text book but values different cultures and makes them a fun part of our lessons.