Welcome to Mount Roskill Grammar School

We are pleased you have decided to apply to the school.

How to apply

You must supply:

  1. The completed application form
  2. Your most recent school report, translated into English. Please note that students with poor reports may not be accepted into the school.
  3. A letter of reference from a teacher or School Principal
  4. A photocopy of your passport or birth certificate
  5. The school tuition agreement, which includes the refund policy, which must be signed by parents, NOT AGENTS OR GUARDIANS. Please make sure you understand this document before signing.
  6. The Designated caregiver form (if appropriate)
  7. The Application for Homestay form (if appropriate)

If your application is successful

  1. we will send you an Offer of Place and an Invoice
  2. You will then need to pay the fees and take the Offer and Receipt to the NZ Immigration Service in your country to apply for a student visa. For information on visas please check

All students will undertake an English test, consisting of listening, speaking, reading and writing before they start school and students who need extra English help will start in our English Second Language unit.  Mathematics testing may also be given.

All students will also be part of an orientation programme to help them settle happily in New Zealand and Mount Roskill Grammar School.

If you have any questions about the application procedure or the school, you may contact me on with questions about homestay.

Click here for Application Forms

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy Reid
International Director


All International Students must have medical and travel insurance as International Students cannot access Government funded health care during their time in New Zealand.

Insurance can be arranged through the school and should be paid for before the student leaves home so that cover is ensured during the journey. We can obtain insurance for students through Uni-Care. although students may purchase insurance from another company if they wish. The School recommends students purchase insurance from a NZ company to assist with quick settlement of claims.  It is also recommended that insurance covers belongings in case of loss or theft.

The original policy will be held in the International Office. If students do not provide evidence of insurance at their enrolment, the School will purchase insurance at student cost.


All international students attending Mount Roskill Grammar School will require a student visa.  These should be arranged before starting school, and evidence of student visa will need to shown on enrolment.  The School will assist to renew visas if required. Students who are 17 years or older when obtaining their visas will need to obtain Police clearance from their home countries.  This also applies to students already studying in Auckland who need to renew their visas.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that you will have a happy time at Mount Roskill Grammar School but if you have problems with subjects or teachers, you can discuss them with your Level Co-ordinator or Dean. Homestay problems can be dealt with by the homestay co-ordinator in the first instance and then by Mrs Reid.

You can also talk to Ms Reid or write to the Principal.

If you have spoken to these people but still cannot get the school to act on a problem, you can contact NZQA on 0800 697 296 or email – Or write to the IEAA at:

Tribunals Unit
Level 1, 86 Custom House Quay,
Private Bag 32001,
Panama Street,
Phone: + 64 4 462 6660
Fax: + 64 4 462 6686

2018 Term Dates

  • Term 1 Friday 2 Feb – Thursday 13 April
  • Term 2 Monday 30 April – Friday 6 July
  • Term 3 Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September
  • Term 4 Monday 15 October – Friday 7 December

NB:  International students should arrive at least 2 days before their course start date.