House System and Deans

House System

The House system at Mount Roskill Grammar School comprises five houses – Hillary, Rutherford, Cooper, Ngata and Sheppard. Each house operates as a family, providing all students with an identity within the larger school.

Each House has is overseen by a team of three Deans and a member of the senior leadership team. These focus on pastoral and academic monitoring and support, supervise house activities and set expectations of student behaviour and habits of learning, provide support, welfare and guidance. House assemblies are held regularly and inter-house events are arranged during the year in activities such as volleyball, basketball, netball, athletics and swimming. Through their houses students are also encouraged to be of service to the wider community by fundraising for charities.

Cooper House

Dean: Mr H Reweti
Associate Dean: Mrs J Palmer
Academic Dean: Mrs F Burns
Senior Leader: Mr R Johanson

Hillary House

Dean: Mr C Overton
Associate Dean: Mrs A Kumar
Academic Dean: Mr R Presland
Senior Leader: Ms R Donald

Ngata House

Dean: Ms A Williams
Associate Dean: Ms S Fraser
Academic Dean: Mr K Hays
Senior Leader: Mr C McGibbon

Rutherford House

Dean: Mr D Syme
Associate Dean: Ms L Bates
Academic Dean: Mr J Coker
Senior Leader: Mr D Pemerika

Sheppard House

Dean: Ms T MacKinlay
Associate Dean: Miss K Manase
Academic Dean: Mr R Skiff
Senior Leader: Mrs M Gaitau